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360 by Coco

During the recent lockdown most businesses were forced to rethink their operations model and find new ways of keeping afloat. Restaurants and cafes in particular who could not operate their outlets had to either shut down or come up with new ways to reaching their customers. The task was not an easy one with the health and safety regulations that needed to be adhered to and the limits on delivery etc.


Coco Veranda being a coffee shop with 2 outlets in Colombo and the suburbs was one café that decided to do something to reach their customers rather than sit around and wait for everything to blow over. That was the birth of 360 by Coco. A new menu was curated, in-house staff who had riding licenses and bikes given additional responsibilities and the kitchens were fired up. Despite the lockdown being eased and life getting back to normal now, 360 by Coco did so well with this new venture that we decided to order with them on a regular day and see if everything worked out just the way it did a few months ago.


The menu itself is simple with rice and noodle set menus, submarines, and fizzy drinks for beverages. Ordering can be done by phone or via Instagram as well and are promptly picked up by personnel handling these options. Our delivery arrived piping hot, intact and was delivered by one of the senior staff himself going to show that Coco is really willing to go the extra-mile to reach out to customers.


Our order consisted of a Devilled Tofu Rice Set Menu, Nasi Goreng, Pepper Beef Noodles Set Menu and two versions of the Submarines. Straight off the bat let us tell you that we were very happy with the value for money factor because the portions that came were considerably larger than what you would find elsewhere. For instance the Nasi Goreng at 800 was easily shareable among two healthy eaters.


360 by Coco is also generous with just how much they pack in to a set menu and the varieties. The Devilled Tofu lunch was served with Vegetable Chopsuey and Chilli Paste and was a spicy and filling rendition for a vegetarian. The Nasi Goreng as mentioned earlier had lots of chicken and shrimps mixed in to rice full of flavor that was served with additional chicken skewers, a fried egg, cucumber salad and prawn crackers. A good Nasi has a signature sweet to spice ratio mix which the 360 by Coco version had definitely got right. Our favourite though was the Pepper Beef Noodles. Served with Hot Butter Mushrooms as well, this Glass Noodle dish was on point with presentation, aroma and flavour. The Beef was tender and well-seasoned with the pepperiness not too overpowering. Loved the HBM and the crunch that it added to each bite as well.


Of the two versions of the submarines we got we definitely preferred the Spicy Chicken which was again packed with healthy chunks of fiery chicken, capsicums, onions and tomatoes. The qualm with the Tuna for us was that although it had heat from some green peppers added to it, it lacked any other flavour. These submarines are also easily shareable and are again a steal for between 500-600 rupees.


It’s been awhile since we found a delivery establishment that is doing well in all areas. We just hope 360 by Coco keeps the consistency going and maybe adds on a few things to the menu as well. Or maybe they shouldn’t because doing a few things right is way better than doing a whole lot wrong we think!


So here’s our rating…


Delivery                    ***** (On time and super service!)

Packaging                  ***** (Well packed in sustainable packaging!)

Value for Money        ***** (Great portions!)

Food                          ****   (Fresh and super tasty!)

Overall                                  **** ¾



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