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Arthur’s Pizza Express (Colombo 5)

When you say Nai Miris in a pizza one name comes to mind, Arthur’s Pizzeria & Pub in Mount Lavinia. Taking traditional wood-fired pizzas and giving them a whole Sri Lankan twist was what these guys did best. Once you have had your share of the flamin’ hot pizzas, they were also famous for tantalizing your taste-buds with their famed Chocolate Biscuit Pudding!


The guys at Arthur’s opened up an “express” outlet in Colombo 5 in order to cater to their growing clientele. The outlet is somewhat elusive and tucked away on a by-lane adjoining Royal Institute on High-level Road. However, clear signage will help you locate the place.


The place itself has enough room to seat 8 at a time and that too on high stools, so it’s more of a take-away and delivery outlet. But if you do choose to dine-in the staff like at Mount are super friendly. They also have a lot of pride in their pizzas and are quick to recommend their favourites, especially if you are a first-timer. It’s also fun to watch the guys prepare your food right in front of your eyes. The menus are simple and include pizzas (obviously!), a few pasta dishes, fresh juice, smoothies and milkshakes.


For drinks we thought we’d go with a few fresh juices to curb the spice of the pizzas and of the Lime, Pineapple and Watermelon we ordered the Pineapple was definitely the pick. While the Lime tasted a little too strong, the Watermelon was overly sweet. The Pineapple however was just right.


Wanting to try something different this time, we also ordered a “Bacon Bacon” pasta. Now this dish consists of a lot of oil. The Bacon and Black Olives are basically fried in its own fats and topped over pasta which is done just right instead of being too soggy. It also has lots of flavour that comes from the spices, marinated in the oil itself.


For pizzas we went half and half on two pizzas with the toppings being Cheese Hatharak (Four Cheese), Chicken Nai Miris (Cobra Chilli), Curry Pork and a milder Chicken Sausage. Needless to say the Nai Miris is our favourite but the Four Cheese comes in a close second. When it comes to cheese Arthur’s is actually pretty generous on all their pizzas with the Mozzarella just oozing over the thin crust pizzas. They’re also super generous with their toppings and you find healthy chunks of cheese and meat on any pizza you order. The pork is also very Sri Lankan in flavour with lots of green chillies to go as well. (The staff will watch you while you dig in and if they feel like it’s getting too hot to handle, they’re quick to offer a re-fill of your drinks!). On our many visits to Arthur’s we’ve ordered almost every pizza on their menu and are yet to find one that didn’t live up to expectations but the Sausage one can do with some added flavour.


As usual we had to have the CBP to complete the meal and were a little disappointed that the portion size has gotten smaller. It still does taste awesome though with the thick layers of chocolate and thin layers of biscuits in between.


If you are looking for the full experience then drive to Mount but we also heard that the delivery service at Colombo 5 is superb so we think it might be better to order in.


So here’s our review…


Location         ***     (Slightly elusive but the signage does help!)

Ambiance       ***     (Not the most comfortable and works better for take-away and delivery!)

Service           ****   (Super friendly and obliging!)

Food               ****   (Those Nai Miris Pizzas!)

Overall                       *** ½


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