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If there is one thing that we all need for our traditional plate of rice n curry, it’s a crunchy, spicy and oh so tasty rice puller. And we’re not talking just about a Pappadam and a few Fried Chillis but a real rice n curry comes complete with rice puller than you might just want to even eat on its own.


Keeping things nice and simple, Badhuma have created what they call the “ultimate rice puller” which is a combination of deep fried onions, curry leaves, a ton of cashew nuts, matchstick potatoes and tons of local spices. Combined all together and you have a local replacement for chilli paste that actually tastes a lot better.


To put it quite simply we tried Badhuma’s “mixture with rice n curry, in toasties with tons of cheese and on its own as well while watching a good movie and no matter how we tried it turned out just fine. We also added it to a vegetable fried rice for some added crunch. We love the fact that these guys are super generous on the amount of cashew in each bottle and we didn’t need to dive deep in the bottle to find one tiny bit. Also the mixture itself was not too oily which retained the freshness and crunch.


Paying tribute to the culinary culture down south this “Badhuma” is the first to hit the markets and the guys behind the scenes are actually working on new items to be added which brings to life different culinary traditions from around the island. We can’t wait for that too.


So until then here’s our rating…


Delivery                    ****   (On time and super service!)

Packaging                  ****   (Clean and hygienic bottles!)

Value for Money        ****   (Great portions!)

Food                          ****   (So many Cashews!)

Overall                                  ****



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