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Chocolate Biscuit Pudding is our favourite dessert. No matter where we go in Sri Lanka (and sometimes even in other parts of the world), this is what we look for. And we are super stoked at the fact that Dush Rathnayake decided to leave the corporate world and do all of us a favour and make CBP for a living!


Bellissima have been around for a while making their artisan desserts and have become a household name for dessert delivery. Although they do have other desserts on their repertoire as well, they are synonymous with the CBP. What Dush has done is taken this good ol’ dessert and put in his own spin on it to create a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.


The single serving size jars are now available in most cafés around Colombo but we opted for the home delivery option. Our bottles came packed in plush blue bags with the larger version of the Bellissima signature mermaid printed on it. The delivery was swift and courteous while the packaging was also well done.


From the range we tried the Classic, the Salted Caramel, the Mint Chocolate, the White Chocolate & Raspberry, and also gave the Arrack, Orange & Arrack, and the Baileys versions to our friends (us being teetotallers and all!). Of the lot, by a massive margin the Mint Chocolate wins top spot. The cream is mint infused with a perfect balance of chocolate. Coming in a close second is the Classic. The only thing missing in this one is that the biscuit was a bit too soggy for our liking and we prefer a bit more crunch in our CBP. Third place is definitely the Salted Caramel which has the right balance of saltiness and sweetness that befits those who may not have too big a sweet tooth. Of the alcoholic ones, our gracious friends tell us the Arrack version is by far the best and we put it down to the localized taste. We were also told that the Baileys version comes in a pretty close second.


The only recommendation we want to propose is that maybe the biscuits shouldn’t be too soggy because that’s how we generally like it but either way anytime, anywhere for CBP!


So here’s our rating…


Delivery                    ****   (On time and super service!)

Packaging                  ****   (Those little jars of goodness!)

Value for Money        ****   (Some may call it pricey but we think its worth it!)

Food                          ***** (CBP!!!!!)

Overall                                  **** ¼



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