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Brew 1867

Targeting the hub of business activity that is Navam Mawatha, Dilmah recently opened up one of its signature tea cafés at the old Forbes and Walker building. This one though is more of a grab-and-go rather than a proper café but it does have enough room to seat a couple of people if you really must have a seat. We dropped by on a busy weekday afternoon to find the place as expected quite crowded.


In keeping with the grab-and-go concept the little nook is a typical tea bar or “they kade” in terms of atmosphere with a lot of activity going on behind the counter. All their drinks are inspired by Dilmah tea and they also have Dilmah tea bags for sale. So why 1867 you may ask, and so did we from the staff. We were told that 1867 is apparently the year people switched from coffee to a more tea-based culture in Sri Lanka. Since Sri Lanka is now so big on tea we get it why Dilmah, one of the most well-known local brands in the world would want to go with such a name.


Off the drinks menu we picked a classic Iced Tea named “French Kiss”, a Nutella-based tea smoothie and an Iced Coffee. The French Kiss as its name suggests was extremely “sweet” with rose and vanilla flavoured tea used in it, but we liked it. Our favourite though was the Earl’s Grey Tea and Nutella smoothie which is on paper is an interesting combination. Taste-wise though it delivered with the first taste being chocolate and then a hint of tea in an after-taste.


For a tea shop Brew has some pretty decent food and we were particularly impressed with their pricing. They serve pasta, noodles, pies and pizzas, rice, sandwiches and bagels, baguettes and panini, soups, salads, wraps and hotdogs, and even granola pots and sweet items for desserts. They also have a “Dish of the Day” which can be just about anything from the list above. We ordered a Chilli Prawn Pasta, Chicken Shawarma and a Spicy Roasted Creamy Chicken Baguette. All three of our mains were really good but we preferred the Pasta over our sandwiches simply for the generous amount of cheese in it. The shawarma filling had an overpowering taste of Garam Masala which we didn’t particularly like but the Baguette was pretty good with the chicken and pickles making a great combo.


We also tried a simple dessert of Brownies with Ice–Cream and again thought pricing was great. Brew also has take-home tea party platters for office meetings and also undertake cake orders if you need to treat the office bunch. All in all, they seem to have a good balance of food and beverages for the location that they’re in and the only down side for us was that they don’t open on weekends.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ***     (We think they should open on weekends too!)

Ambiance       ****   (Typical tea bar ambiance and atmosphere!)

Service                      ****   (Great turnaround times!)

Food               ****   (Really worth the price!)

Overall                       *** ¾



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