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There’s nothing quite like a warm waffle topped with just the right topping of your choice to beat hunger pangs at any time of day and in any type of weather. The latest phenom to hit Colombo is a different version of your usual “square waffles” and it’s got comfort food written all over it.


Originating in Hong Kong, Bubble Waffles or known as Egg Waffles in its place of origin, these pancakes with “bubbles” have now become quite the Instagram phenomenon. Brew Bar in Colombo are incidentally responsible for creating this hype with their tagline that introduces this waffle as an “Instagram-pretty Snack”. We decided to see what all the hype was about and dropped by the newly opened outlet at Rosmead Place recently.


Situated within the Zylan Boutique Hotel, Brew Bar occupies the right hand side room at the lobby. There’s ample parking but limited space to actually sit down here and have a chat over your food and drinks. However, since the Zen Japanese restaurant next door is also owned by the same owners, you are more than welcome to occupy the comfy couches in the lobby or sit outdoors in the garden.


As much as the Bubble Waffles got our interest there was something on the beverage list that also got us all excited, Cheese Tea! Yes, you read that right. Brew Bar have mixed together two of the most bizarre ingredients and created quite a beverage. Off the menu that’s displayed on the wall, we ordered a Lychee Cheese Tea. Basically what you get served is the tea base with a “secret” recipe Cream Cheese layer on the top. When being served the staff will tell you that this drink is to be drunk without a straw and should not be mixed together. If you attempt to drink it with a straw what happens is that you end up only slurping the tea, leaving the cheese behind. If you mix it all together you miss out on the original flavours. So the best way to do it is sip away and have a cheese moustache in the process! With the creamy flavour of the cheese, we feel the tangy fruity teas are better than the milky ones as you can clearly taste the cheese which we quite fancy. Highly recommended!


From the Bubble Waffle department we chose one savoury and two options of sweet toppings. The waffles are made fresh in front of your eyes and are served warm in any type of mug you prefer. Our savoury waffle had a sunny-side up egg, pol sambol and a sausage wrapped up in the waffle and every bite was a gooey, tasty mess. You can’t really go wrong with this combination and add some cheese spread on the waffles and you have a sure winner.


On the sweet waffles we tried the Chocolate Waffle with Chocolate Ice-Cream, Kit Kat and Chocolate Sauce and the Regular Waffle with Vanilla Ice-Cream, Snickers and Caramel Sauce. It’s hard to really pick between the two but we favoured the Snickers and Caramel Topping simply because it was just melt in your mouth with the warm waffle. Choices of toppings are actually endless and it’s great that the Brew Bar allows you to mix and match.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Lots of parking at Zylan!)

Ambiance       ***     (While its cute and quirky, space is very limited!)

Service                      ***     (Service is a tad bit slow but worth the wait!)

Food               ****   (We love the cheese tea!)

Overall                       *** ½


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