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Cafe Noir first entered the restaurant scene in the bustling suburb of Pelawatte. Their latest addition is a plush outlet down a street that was once known for its clothing stores but has transformed itself to one that brings together cuisines from around the world. Although this outlet does look smaller from the outside than its sibling, do not be fooled as it presents the same if not better eclectic menu. We dropped by at a relatively quieter weekday afternoon to try out their wares…


In keeping with their French name, the interiors mainly consist of a lot of white (Blanc is white in French) or lighter shades which gives it a more spacious feel. The layout is done in such a way that everyone has comfortable seating without imposing too much on each other. We must also mention the fact that unlike a lot of restaurants and cafes nowadays, Blanc had on soothing background music which is not too loud and allows you to enjoy your meal and company in peace.


As soon as we entered a courteous waiter carrying a tab seated us down. What’s also great is that the staff knows their menu well and can actually explain what goes in to each dish and how it’s prepared. Again this is a plus point for Blanc which lacks in other establishments. One other thing we noticed was the precision attention the staff pays to table setting, which you would expect more at a fine dining restaurant.


Blanc has a pretty wide variety of food on the menu from typical café food like sandwiches and burgers, to the more elaborate dishes that make for an entire meal. We started off with ordering our drinks which was more like a dessert in a glass. The Dark Fudge Shake is a bit pricey at 660 rupees and is made up of fresh milk, chocolate ice cream, brownie crumbs and chocolate sauce. It is served with both a straw and spoon so that you make sure to finish all the brownie crumbs at the bottom. Overall for us the drink was an average milkshake with a lot of brownie bits and whipped cream.


Our food choices however made all the difference as to why we recommend this place. We ordered a Chicken and Green Papaya Salad, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wings, Thai Spicy Fish Cakes and French Bread Taco Pizza for starters. The salad was light and fresh with a lot of green papaya giving it a zesty taste and red, green and yellow bell pepper cubes adding the crunch. Generous chunks of chicken and a side of Garlic Bread; all served in a “Keselmuwa” (Banana Flower) wrapping actually makes this a complete meal for light eaters.


Combining the flavours from the West Indies, Thailand and France in our other three starters we loved the different aromas and taste that were presented beautifully. We must mention that Blanc only used Olive Oil in their preparations and sources fresh ingredients for their preparations. The sauce in the Jerk Chicken was a definite winner and went well with the baguette slices topped with gooey mozzarella and taco seasoning powder. The Thai fish though was quite average and the dipping sauce tasted a tad bit sour.


For mains we ordered a Pasta Alfredo and a Shawarma Rice Pilaf. Fettuccine cooked in parmesan cheese and garnished with parsley and mint is a perfect meal for a vegetarian and was very filling. The rice on the other hand is for hearty eaters with a whole chicken leg, raita and parsley garnishing topping it up. Of the two we did prefer the pasta. We have also heard that the Mixed Grill Platter is pretty good here although we didn’t try it ourselves.


One other dish we highly recommend is the Sweet Potato Fries that Blanc does. Instead of using the store bought French Fries, Blanc goes traditional with thin sweet potato cuts, deep fried in olive oil and dipped in chilli powder. If nothing else then, go here for a just these!


So here’s our review…


Location         ****   (Conveniently located at Colombo 5)

Ambiance       ****   (Plush interiors that gives the place a whole luxurious feel)

Service           ****   (Service is very courteous and high-tech)

Food               ****   (A nice eclectic mix of cuisines!)

Overall                       ****



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