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We don’t all live within the city limits of Colombo. And on your way home or when you don’t feel like braving the city traffic on a weekend but still need a quiet place to dine with family and friends, it’s great to have places that are close to home. In the suburb of Moratuwa, we found such a “hidden gem” of a place that has actually been in operation for the past 8 years and has a loyal clientele that love their service and food.


Chinese Lotus Restaurant is actually a multi-purpose family restaurant and banquet hall that also has its own city hotel adjoining. Family-owned this restaurant also does outdoor catering and has its own delivery service that operates in the area.


Most people know the Laxapathiya Road in Moratuwa off the main Galle Road, but for those who are not familiar it’s the first large lane on the sea side passing the Soysapura Flats. There is a bright neon sign at the entrance to the road and you can’t miss it even if you are travelling from Colombo. Approximately 400-500m down the main Laxapathiya Road, you will find 1st Lane and Chinese Lotus is prominently located with its own large car park and fairy light adorned walls.


The restaurant itself is quite large and can easily accommodate up to 40 diners. They also have a private room for about 15 which you can pre-book for small functions. There is no room charge per se but the restaurant does require the final food and beverage bill to be above 15,000 if the private area is to be reserved. The upper floor houses the bar which shares a bites menu with restaurant below. A separate entrance to that area ensures that families dining at the restaurant have their own privacy as well. Much thought we noticed has been placed on planning out the restaurant itself so that different types of diners all get to have a great time.


The restaurant area has open seating and a lot of the light comes from red and yellow Chinese lanterns that hang from the ceiling. In contrast there’s a lot of Gold FM-type music playing softly in the background which we thought was nice for a change to hear some of the good ol’ songs we grew up to listening off grandma or grandpa’s radio. Chinese Lotus does allow BYOB but has its own cocktail menu as well. We decided to go heavy on the food wanting to try as many options on the menu as possible and laid off the drinks for this visit.


For starters we ordered an Egg and Noodle Soup which was shareable among at least 4 adults. The clear soup had lots of carrots and leaks and a good amount of thin noodles topped off with egg drops. Although the soup was served piping hot it could have done with a little more flavour we thought.


Off the mains menu we decided to go with two versions of rice in the form of basic Steamed Rice and a Vegetable Chopsuey. Again one of the most surprising factors was the portion size which was shareable among 3-4 adults and quite reasonably priced. The chopsuey had tons of vegetables like baby corn, button mushrooms, and purple cabbage apart from the usual carrots, cabbage and potatoes which was a welcome additions but it could also have been a bit wetter in terms of consistency. A good chopsuey we feel should be swimming in a bit of thick gravy and this would have been ideal if it was so. The Steamed Rice on the other hand was great for the rest of the curries that we ordered.


Like we said earlier, we did go a bit overboard with ordering a variety that included Hot Butter Cuttlefish (Obviously right!), Lemon Butter Chicken, Sweet & Sour Pork, Kankung Beef and a Mixed Mushroom dish. The HBC was on point in terms of the crispiness of the cuttlefish and the oil ratio which made the dish quite enjoyable. The chicken dish was also great with the zesty lemon flavoured gravy going well with Steamed Rice. We also liked how the Sweet & Sour Pork did not have the usual battered pork and instead came with chunks of pork and pineapple. The mixed mushrooms was also a great dish for non-meat lovers and even for those who need a bit of veggies with their meals. Again generosity in terms of the best ingredients seems to be a Chinese Lotus forte which we were definitely appreciate of.


We would have loved to finish off our meal with Lychees but unfortunately they were out so had to stick with very big glasses of fruit salad. The fruits were super flesh and we liked how the lime squeezed on top just before serving added a nice glow to it and a great taste too.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ***     (A bit off the Galle Road but not hard to find!)

Ambiance       ****   (Lots of Chinese lanterns and homely feel!)

Service           ****   (Courteous but slow!)

Food               ****   (Old school local twist on Chinese!)

Overall                       *** ¾



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