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Colombo was in a bit of turmoil today. So on a day like today, the best thing we think is to head out of the city. One of the greatest things about our little island nation is that you don’t have to go far to try something different.


So we decided to take the highway to Negambo. Situated right in the middle of the lagoon, this town is quite the popular spot with both locals and foreigners. Before we drove there taking the highway, we asked a few born and bred locals for a recommendation for lunch that included the best seafood (We were heading for a lagoon town after all!)


Many of the recommendations pointed to a restaurant cum B&B which has been around for 25+ years. Choy’s Waterfront Residence is also a bakery and is quite an interesting spot. Situated on the opposite side of the fishing bay, the views are pretty great if you seat yourself overlooking the main road. There is ample seating inside as well but we like the more airy space outside that also had more light. We did notice a piano inside though but it slipped our mind to ask if guests are allowed to play a tune. (Note for next time!)


The staff is courteous and quick to take your order from quite an extensive menu that spans a few continents. Since there were four of us, we decided to each try a different cuisine. For starters we thought let’s stay healthy and ordered a round of juices and were quite surprised that they came in considerably large glasses. The aim we suppose is for the drink to actually last the entire meal. The lime juice we ordered was pretty good considering that most restaurants don’t get it right but our friend who tried the papaya finished it even before the lunch arrived. Either he was really hungry or it was pretty good!


One of the biggest downsides for us was that our order of a Hawaiian Chicken Salad, Nasi Goreng, Seafood Mixed Grill and Spaghetti Napolitano took almost an hour to arrive at our table. However, when the food did come, we felt it was worth the wait especially considering the portion sizes.


Starting off with the salad, in true Hawaiian style this mountain of vegetables and chicken tossed in mayonnaise came in a platter decorated on either side with the leaf and stem portion of a pineapple. It tasted much like coleslaw but with more chunks of vegetables than julienne style. The portion sufficed for four people.


A dish that is super common at any restaurant in Sri Lanka which most people get wrong is the Nasi Goreng. In the Choy’s version we liked how the chicken on the skewer was done but it lacked the key ingredient of the peanut sauce. The rice was filling but average. The same can be said of the spaghetti. Although there was a lot of cheese and tomato sauce in it, there wasn’t really much flavour in the dish.


The star of the meal for us was the Mixed Seafood Platter. Again this was enough for four people with prawns, cuttle fish, crabs and seer fish grilled to perfection and topped with a mixture of sauces. It was a little hard to identify the ingredients in the sauce but there was definitely a lot of cheese in it. The cuttle fish was tender and awesomely done as were the prawns. The crabs were really good too and you could just chew on it, shell and all. We also ordered a portion of Singapore Fried Rice to go with the grill which really complimented each other.


The food was a good experience for us but we wholeheartedly wish this place could come out of the whole Dutch colonial feel to it and maybe modernize itself a little bit. This would definitely draw more seafood lovers for good quality and affordable pricing that Choy’s has to offer.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Overlooking the fishing bay with a great view!)

Ambiance       ***     (We did wish they would switch the lights on inside!)

Service           ***     (Courteous but slow!)

Food               ****   (Since its Negambo, go for anything with seafood!)

Overall                       *** ½ 


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