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While walking down the ancient cobblestone streets of the Galle Fort, the tropical sunshine can get you quite thirsty. What better way to quench a thirst like that than with homemade ice-cream. Although the Fort itself now boasts several ice-cream and gelato places, the oldest on the block is still going strong. Much of the success story is thanks to the ice-cream and the Dairy King himself.


During our recent visit to the Galle Fort we made it a point to drop by one of our favourite ice-cream parlours in the country. Situated closest to the ramparts this is one place that you can ask any local for directions to and they would immediately know, so it’s quite hard to actually miss it.


We love mixing and matching the flavours whenever we visit and this time around we had the Tamarind, Passion Fruit, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate. So let’s break it down in random order.


Our favourite by far is the Mint Chocolate Chip. Since all of the ice-cream at Dairy King is handmade the flavours can be very strong but we like that about the Mint version. Instead of using chocolate chips, Dairy King generously adds bits of crushed chocolate which gives each bite a crunchiness.


The Passion Fruit we tried this time around was milder than the one we tried on a previous visit and we preferred this one. The acidity levels were toned down and you could actually finish an entire cup when the previous time we couldn’t. We still love this flavour because it’s the right mix of sweet and sour, and gives a very Sri Lankan feel to it. Also love that the seeds are crushed up in to grainy bits that adds bite to the ice-cream.


The Chocolate was our third and only because it felt like it was frozen too much and had more ice in it. Or it had melted and then frozen up again. Either way the regular chocolate flavour was lost.


Although we like our sour flavours the Tamarind was way too high on that chart for us. One spoon was enough to send our taste buds on a cringe and we left it at that.


No amount of ice-cream is bad for you (or so we say!) and after a couple of cups cleaned out we also got some take away simply because the Dairy King claims that you can take it all the way to Colombo without the ice-cream actually melting, and he was right!


So here’s our review…


Location         ****   (Most people in the Fort know the place!)

Ambiance       ***     (The porch of the old converted house can use some colour!)

Service           ****   (The whole family that runs this place are super attentive!)

Food               ****   (Value for money!)

Overall                       *** ¾


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