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Colombo’s coffee culture has got a new kid in town and boy does this one come with an attitude. The De Vos Café were making quite a noise about their “Blackest Coffee” on Instagram so we had to pay them a visit and see what the fuss was all about. To say the very least we were pleasantly surprised.


Situated on the corner of De Vos Avenue and Duplication Road, the café occupies the front and lobby area of Talo Urban, a quaint boutique hotel next door. The cafés got parking on De Vos for about 5-6 vehicles and wasn’t too crowded when we first visited. One of the most curious things for us was that “fox” on the logo and their tagline “Oh for Fox sake!” and talking to the staff enlightened us that “de vos” actually means “the fox” in Dutch!


We made several visits during their opening week and every time we went in Teri at the counter was super nice. Some restaurants and cafes are blessed with good people who make friends instantly and make you want to always go back even if it’s just for a chat. Somehow her chirpiness has rubbed off the rest of the staff as well who are attentive, quick to respond and all-round happy people.


Ambiance wise De Vos boasts an upmarket café vibe with large brown couches in one area, bar stools up front, and wrought iron furniture at the smoking area outside. There’s also a nice water wall in the outer area which keeps the whole place cool. A book rack with some classics completes the look and feel of the place. Oh and don’t be fooled by the sign that says “We do not have Wi-Fi here, Talk to each other pretend its 1995”. Read the fine print at the bottom!


Since we were intrigued by the “Blackest Coffee” we decided to try that one along with the Espresso and a Cappuccino. Now the first thing you notice about the drinks menu is that the coffees and others aren’t insanely overpriced like most places. Using Soul Coffee as their key ingredient the Espresso was quite strong but much to our liking because of the aroma itself. A good coffee can always be told by the strength of its aroma and we thought this was pretty good. The Cappuccino came in quite a hefty cup and was a pretty comforting cuppa. It wasn’t too frothy or too lean either and once you add sugar to your liking, it was quite good. The Black Coffee at first glance is quite a showstopper and were told that the black cream is made of whipped cream mixed with Ceylon Coconut Charcoal and spices to get its unique colour and flavour. While the coffee is super strong the black cream is an acquired taste and we caution you not to stir the whole drink together and instead try the drink by sipping and then taking a teaspoon full of cream in. This was the flavours combine and you find yourself tasting all the sweet and spicy elements. It was quite an adventure to say the least, not to mention the blackened teeth and tongue after effects!


One look at the food menu and you know these guys have some crazy creative genes. From the way the names are made up to just how the dishes are presented involved quite a lot of genius juice and we certainly appreciate that. We ordered a Naked Chicken Penne Alfredo Taco and a French Dip while also getting a side of Ash Plantain Fries. Let’s talk about the Naked Chicken (don’t imagine things!). Basically this dish taken well-seasoned fried chicken and makes a taco shell out of it and then fills it with classic, creamy Penne Alfredo. The chicken itself was expertly fried with no excessive oil and the pasta was well-cooked, not at all starchy and combined with a cheesy Alfredo Sauce infused with dry and fresh herbs. The highlight though were the fries. We normally don’t like Ash Plantain as it lacks any flavour and character as a vegetable but with what De Vos have done with it we’re willing to give this veggie another chance!


While De Vos serves homemade desserts and Colombo’s favourite Bellissima CBP, we opted for their in-house creation called the Choc Croc. Remember those good ol’ Kimbula Bunis from the “Choon Paan” Man? So take that and put a magnanimous amount of Nutells in to it and you have a Choc Croc or what we like to call a kid’s dream come true. Our Choc Crocs were served warm which meant, the chocolate was melted and dripping all over our faces with every bite. At only 290 rupees, this crocodile is well worth its price. If we had to go here just for this fellow, we would!


De Vos are trying to do things differently and we certainly think they’ve got a good thing going with their drinks, food and overall. We don’t mind going back for good food, good coffee and good conversation.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Conveniently located on Duplication Road!)

Ambiance       ****   (Comfy, cozy and has a lush air to it!)

Service                      ****   (Teri rocks!)

Food               ****   (Lots of innovation that we love!)

Overall                       ****


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