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Dehiwela Zoo – Night Safari

Did you know that Sri Lanka has its own Night Safari? And no we’re not talking about somewhere far off from Colombo in the National Parks. This one is at the National Zoological Gardens in Dehiwela.


The zoo used to be quite a depressing place in the days gone by with the limited spaces for animals and the obvious lack of care and concern for the inhabitants of the zoo. It used to be a shabby, dark and grim place, so much so that we avoided it. But when someone recommended that we try the newly introduced Night Safari we thought why not?


So the zoo remains open till 10am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and specific areas are kept open to view nocturnal animals. Entrance tickets are pretty cheap unless you are a foreigner or look like one! You can choose to either take a stroll along the demarcated pathways or the zoo also has golf buggies for hire for 2,000 rupees per 8 seater. The buggies are pretty cool actually with comfortable seating and super nice drivers. Its’ actually better to call them naturalists because these guys actually know their zoology. They explain nocturnal animal behavior and also handle animals with a lot of care. Super polite too!


One of the highlights of the Night Safari is the feeding time of the lions and tigers that takes place at 7:30pm. The authorities tell us they demolished more than 5 cages to create the brand new enclosures for each pair of these big cats, which is awesome. Another naturalist explains the big cat family, feeding patterns and a whole lot more.


One of the other highlights is when they bring out the nocturnal birds and reptiles to the area where they generally do the elephant show during the day. Again you get great explanations of behavior patterns etc.


The reptile section and aquarium are also open to the public at night, while the entrance to the zoo also now has fish therapy for like 200 rupees for 15 minutes. We don’t want to reveal too much and really want everyone especially with kids to go have a look for yourself. Tell us what you think.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Everyone knows where the zoo is!)

Ambiance       ***     (The newer enclosures are much better than before)

Service                      ****   (The staff are more qualified and truly seem to care about their job!)

Experience     ****   (Quantity is certainly a plus point!)

Overall                       ****



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