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Gone are the days when we used to think pizza was only available at the international chains. A lot of local pizzerias doing a pretty good job at authentic Italian pizza have opened up around Colombo, the suburbs and even beyond. The latest entrant in to the Italian food genre of restaurants in Colombo is a chain spread across Kathmandu in Nepal, Calcutta in India and now here in our city.


Founded by an Italian chef who started her culinary journey by making authentic Tomato Sauce at home, Fire & Ice in Colombo is run by her daughter Milli. Housed in a convenient location in Colombo 4, Fire & Ice specializes in hand-tossed pizzas, homemade pastas and Italian ice-cream.


Although Glen Arber is a one way from the Galle Road side, Fire & Ice is literally he first building from that end so if you are taking a tuk or cab just get off at the top of the lane and walk down while working up an appetite. You are certainly going to need it! If you are driving then enter through Marine Drive and there’s parking for about 5 vehicles opposite the restaurant. If you can’t bother to leave home Fire & Ice also does its own and UberEats delivery.


The house converted in to a restaurant exudes a homely vibe and has tons of colour and character in the décor. The vintage posters on the bright coloured walls are inspired by Milli’s Western side of the family. The front area serves as the delivery counter and beyond the courtyard is the restaurant’s indoor and outdoor seating areas. The indoor area also opens up to the bar and open kitchen where you can watch the master mixologists and chefs artistically prepare your food and drinks.


Service at Fire & Ice is exceptional. From the get go the staff are attentive, orders are taken promptly and food arrives piping hot. They also make it a point to inform you beforehand if any item on the menu takes longer to prepare. We were actually surprised that one of the staff had such a great memory of having met us at his previous place of work, and made it a point to treat us well. We thought it was a nice gesture.


Off the menu we ordered two Fire & Ice specialty mocktails of which the namesake Fire & Ice was our definite favourite. The crushed Strawberries, Cranberry and Apple Juice topped with Sprite had a burst of flavours and tons of bits of strawberry to chew on.


Fire & Ice also have great sharing plates for great prices. Despite most of the ingredients being imported Milli has kept her pricing affordable and accessible to anyone who loves good Italian food. We chose a sharing plate of imported Bruschettas topped with Green Olive Tapenade and Mozzarella and Tomato. We preferred the fresh mix of green olives that went well with the freshly baked and crunchy bread. We also had a very light and filling Tonno e Cipolle or a Tuna Salad packed with Olives and Capers and a warm Zuppa di Verdura or traditional Italian Minestrone Soup.


Off the mains we had a very comforting Piccata Di Pollo which was a well-marinated Chicken Breast lathered in Olive Oil and topped with Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, and Herbs on a Bed of Spaghetti. There were some great flavours and textures at play here specially in the crust that covered the well-done chicken. We also tried a very unique homemade Polenta. Polenta is a sliced layers of corn that is baked for hours until it becomes super soft and melty and then served hot with tomato sauce, béchamel sauce and tons of mozzarella. Be warned to have patience when having this dish because it’s super-hot and you don’t want to end up burning your tongue like I did!


Pizza at Fire & Ice is hand-tossed but cooked in a regular oven. However, despite the oven the crust comes out crispy on the outside and softer towards the centers. These guys are super generous with their toppings and we went half and half with a Funghi and Rompipalle. Despite the fancy names these are very simple mushroom and spicy meat sauce pizzas. Our pick is definitely the meat sauce one which had tons of flavour, a spicy kick and of course the crunch of coriander leaves.


One of the highlights of Fire & Ice is a soft ice-cream machine placed for everyone to see. Milli tells us this is a favourite with the many kids who frequent her restaurant. We simply had to try the ice-cream and opted for Apple Pie which was baked to perfection with a thick crust and warm Cinnamon-infused apple chunks inside. We also had signature Crepes with Lemon and Sugar all tangy and sweet at the same time.


The experience at Fire & Ice is a great one for families and even groups of friends. Affordable, quality food in a great atmosphere that we definitely don’t mind visiting over and over again.


So here’s our review…


Location         ****   (Glen Arber is a one way from Galle Road!)

Ambiance       ****   (Cozy and homely vibe!)

Service                      ***** (Super service by Milli and the Team!)

Food               ****   (Amazing Italian food!)

Overall                       **** ¼


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