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Foodlands (Kandy)

Kandy is a super busy town. Not only during the peak tourists seasons, or Bradby and Perahera times of the year, but even on regular days thousands flock to the hill capital. Tourists explore the bustling town while locals go about their daily chores all in unison. Kandy is also an evolving town. Gone are the days when this town closed up shop at 7pm and was completely dead by 9pm. Instead today you will find restaurants, shops and the Kandy City Center (KCC) open till quite late (by Kandy standards).


Before our tour to Kandy many locals suggested that we try the “White House” which had garnered quite a name for itself. However upon researching we found that the once White House now had a new name and a new menu. So inevitably we had to try out “Foodlands”.


Situated right opposite the entrance to KCC, Foodlands is housed in a prime location. However, being that Kandy is a maze of one-way streets we recommend you use the massive KCC car park to shelter your vehicle and cross through the mall. The bottom floor of the building is where a lot of action takes place. The Foodlands Bakery and Take-Away section attracts a variety of customers from tourists looking to catch a quick bite to university students during their breaks. Since the café is also open relatively early this is also a popular place for parents to buy snacks for their school-going kids and for themselves on their way to work. Lunch time we were told also gets quite busy as this is one place that does a really good hill country rice n’ curry.


We however, wanted to try a proper meal and opted to sit at the restaurant on the first floor. Overlooking the busy street below, the area seats about 50 and in terms of ambiance and décor keeps it minimal with plain white walls, and non-decorative tables and chairs. The staff though are attentive and bustling through with orders that we figured was keeping them on their feet. Although the place was super busy, our drinks and food arrived in record time.


For drinks we went with a Sweet Lassi, Iced Coffee and Lime Juice and must tell you that Foodlands’ oricing may shock you. For instance my Iced-Coffee was 90 rupees and I expected the usual small glass. Instead I got a tall glass full of creamy coffee that was perfectly executed with froth and all. By far this was our favourite drink of the three.


Now Foodlands is sought out for some pretty amazing Indian cuisine so we decided to go with Chicken Biryani, their Parata and Naan with Butter Chicken and Palak Paneer. The biryani was not the best we’ve had but it was the flat breads and curries that really stole the show. The Butter Chicken true to its name was a generous portion of chicken chunks swimming in thick, buttery gravy. On the other end there was the paneer which is a difficult dish to execute especially with the texture of the Indian cheese, but Foodlands had done a super job with it. Suffice to say we had to order more and more flat breads just to keep finishing both dishes.


For a little bit of variety we also ordered a Lamprais which was once again well executed but lacked some of the key elements of a traditional Dutch recipe. For instance although there was the cutlet, the ash plantain and brinjal but that lacked the liver, and the meat and seeni sambal. It was however missing the classic frickadels. Price wise though it was a pretty good deal and quite enough to even be shared.


Despite having eaten our fill we decided to also try some dessert but from the café instead. We picked up a couple of ice-cream cups of Chocolate Biscuit Pudding and Blue Jelly Pudding that kinda looked like the slime my kids play with nowadays. But trust me it tasted good. The blue jelly had an under layer of yogurt-tasting pudding which was refreshing and light. Their version of the CBP was also pretty decent.


For anyone visiting Kandy for business or leisure Foodlands is a must-go-to stop for pretty much any meal. It also serves pretty much any budget and you get clean, tasty food every time.


So here’s our rating…


Location ***             (One-way street and parking is a bit of an issue!)

Ambiance ***            (Lots of things going on!)

Service ****              (Courteous and quick!)

Food ****                  (Clean and tasty!)

Overall *** ½


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