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Golden Dragon

Despite every other restaurant in Colombo claiming to be “authentic Chinese”, when in need of really good Chinese food there’s but a few places that really live up to it. Golden Dragon at the Taj is one such. Although the restaurant has been open for many years, the recent addition of Chef Rong Biao Dai has really elevated the food and presentation of the already awesome Golden Dragon.


Upon entering the Taj, Golden Dragon is on to your left and is hard to miss with the two traditional lion statues just waiting to greet you. When you do enter though, the first thing you are hit by is the majestic royal blue and gold hues. From the drapes, to furniture and cutlery carry the same hues which somehow gives you a very regal vibe. Add the high ceilings and the smartly clad wait staff to the equation and one really feels like you could be dining at a royal palace.


We chose to sit in the open dining area right opposite the show kitchen instead of in the enclosed areas and thoroughly enjoyed watching some of our food being prepared. Golden Dragon is quite a large space and it was relatively busy with lots of families celebrating special occasions. Despite the crowd though our menus, drinks and food arrived at the table promptly as did the condiments required for each course of the meal.


Having gone with a Royalist to review Golden Dragon meant that even our drinks ended up being the same hues of blue and gold. Not complaining though about the Blue Dragon I chose was a combination of fresh pineapple puree, lime and apple juice, blue curacao and 7Up. The mixologist who put this together must’ve really known balance because everything was perfectly put together and presentation was so pretty with all the colours shaded in together in a glass. It almost looked like a piece of art.


Off the predominantly Szechuan inspired food menu we first ordered Char Siu Baos and Lamb Dim Sums. We’ve been on a search for authentic steamed buns in Colombo and by far the Golden Dragon versions have been the closest to what we’ve had in Malaysia. The pork filling was spiced just right with the steamed bun being lightly sweet, just the way we like it. The Lamb Dim Sums were also perfectly pan-fried with a slight crustiness and tons of filling just melting with every bite.


For mains we wanted to keep things simple but Chef Rong insisted that we try out his signature Black Pepper Lobster. He also graciously invited us to watch how everything is prepared and needless to say we loved the experience. To go with our lobster we ordered a portion of vegetable fried rice and realised that it was one of the best we’ve had too, not too oily and definitely not tasting of Aji-no-Moto. The black pepper lobster was served in a lobster shell and was super spicy but the rice and the steamed buns we ordered cut through the peppery hotness to make a perfect meal. We ate way too much and just did not have room for dessert and finished off with Chinese Tea instead.


The whole dining experience though pricey is worth every penny you pay. The only downside for us which isn’t something very significant was the music. We understand the need of the Chinese experience but after a while it got a bit unbearable. Other than that we wouldn’t change a thing and would keep going back.


So here’s our review…


Location         ***** (How does anyone not know the Taj?)

Ambiance       ****   (We absolutely love the Blue and Gold!)

Service           ****   (Friendly and efficient!)

Food               ****   (Authentic and tasty!)

Overall                       **** ½


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