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Of all the cafes that mushroom around town on a daily basis, Hansa Coffee have led a quiet but consistent existence serving a loyal clientele who drop in for their signature coffee and cake. Although not the largest café in town, Hansa certainly knows the meaning of “warmth”. From their coffee to the ambiance with the comfortable cushions and old books and magazines, everything is about making you feel cozy and forget about the stress of life. And then they have their menu packed with lots of comfort food.


Hansa have always been down Fife Road and most people know how to get there. If you are a newbie though watch out for the sign on the glass window as you drive by. Once we had made ourselves comfortable we proceeded to order our drinks. Now Hansa is famous for their coffee which is Ceylon grown at their own coffee plantations in Nuwaraeliya, but for a change we thought we will order non-coffee drinks. So we went with a Dragon Fruit and Banana Juice, a Protein Shake and Durian Milk. Now all three of these drinks are custom-made while the durian is obviously seasonal.


The Protein Shake included 100% Dark Chocolate again hand-made by the Hansa chocolatiers, Peanut Butter and Oats. No sugar is added to this and once blended together is a thick, gooey mess that can substitute for a meal in a glass. Of the two fruit juices the Durian Juice sans the smell was very refreshing and milky. The Dragon Fruit and Banana was a great combination and the sourness of the not-so-common Dragon Fruit complimented the Banana very well.


To go with our drinks we ordered a custom-made Bread Kottu made with chopped bread crumbs, Gouda Cheese, Eggs and Seeni Sambol. Their Seeni Sambol is just fantastic and it felt like a good ol’ sandwich had been chopped up and served in a bowl. We also had a Cheese and Tomato Melt which also uses Gouda and lots of fresh Tomatoes.


For dessert we had to order the signature Hansa Chocolate Brownie. At 200 rupees for a generous piece and made with 100% homemade chocolate and jaggery this is arguably one of the best brownies we’ve had in Colombo. The gooey jaggery hidden inside the brownie just melts in your mouth with every bite. If for no other reason just go here for their brownies.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ***     (Easy to find but parking is an issue!)

Ambiance       ****   (Not a huge place but cozy!)

Service                      ****   (Friendly and attentive staff!)

Food               ****   (Value for money and the ability to customize is great!)

Overall                       *** ¾ 


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