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You know how you dream of your favourite dessert and wish you could indulge every day without creating a dent in your pocket and putting on the pounds? Well we dream of it daily and have searched for years for the answer. Well, some dreams do come true, thanks to a mum and daughter who have mixed, matched and baked their way in to dessert heaven.


HoneyBee Desserts have basically taken your favourite cake, pie, mousse, tart and every other recipe and concocted them in to Cookie Bars. The idea is to have a base of crumbling cookies topped with whatever dessert you want to have. Everything from Red Velvet to Macaroons, Salted Caramel, Cookies N Cream and so much more is now just a phone call away.


Currently operating only on home delivery, HoneyBee requires 48 hours to put together your orders. Depending on the size of your order, they come delivered in various reusable cardboard boxes. Each Cookie Bar is about the size of your palm and for between 170-220 rupees per bar, these are fully worth it. Before we get in to telling you about each one we sampled, be warned that after a few bites you will feel a bit dreamy and end up in la la land with a sugar rush so high that nothing can make you feel bad for the rest of the day!


So we will start with the Red Velvet. Now this is one pretty difficult cake to get right, and converting that recipe in to a Cookie Bar must’ve been a cumbersome task so kudos first for that. This one has a harder texture on the exterior and can get very messy with crumbs flying all over the place. The layer of cream cheese frosting goes just perfectly with the little chocolate droplets on top creating a burst of tangy and sweet flavours combined in every bite.


The Caramel Snickerdoodle basically has homemade caramel oozing in between what tastes like a mixture of white chocolate praline. It’s much like biting in to one of your all-time favourite chocolates. The combination of chocolate and caramel can never go wrong.


One of our personal favourites was the Salted Caramel with again tons of homemade caramel making it a gooey mess. Each bite has just the right sweetness and saltiness combined for a divine flavour. We highly recommend this one but a bar maybe too much for one person.


The Chocolate Macaroon is great for anyone who loves Coconut. A layer of dark chocolate is sandwiched in between the cookie crumble base and a toasted coconut flakes topping. Again creating a very unique flavour this bar is one of the harder texture ones.


We also tried the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, which has chunks of chocolate floating among a cookiefied (that’s a word we created!) cheesecake which is just awesomeness in every bite.


We can’t quite pick a favourite so don’t ask us to. There are a few more varieties like a Spiced Apple Crumble that we hear is great for those who prefer something not so sweet. Either way we love the cookie bars coming out of the HoneyBee kitchen and hope they keep improvising and creating more and more extraordinary desserts.


So here’s our rating…


Delivery         ****   (Delivered on time and intact!)

Presentation   ***** (Too pretty to eat!)

Service                      ****   (Mum and daughter duo are super nice!)

Food               ***** (Heaven is a Cookie Bar!)

Overall                       **** ½



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