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If I could simply live on cake and desserts I would. Regardless of the potential weight gain, I honestly would. Whether it be gelato, chocolates, cakes or decadent desserts we are totally up for indulging. So when we heard that Hyve Desserts which used to be a Facebook-based enterprise earlier were FINALLY opening up a dessert bar, we were going a bit cray-cray until we actually tried them out. Their Instagram posts of all those delicious looking cakes didn’t help either.


So one fine Tuesday afternoon we made our way to Thimbirigasyaya to check what the hype about hyve was. Conveniently located on Thimbirigasyaya Road, Hyve is a welcome addition to this street that has so many different varieties of food and beverages. There’s ample parking upfront but what we immediately fell in love with is the interior which is an eclectic combination of pastel furniture, brightly coloured natural flowers, the smells of freshly baked cake and coffee and the welcome sound of a cake mixer. One little corner is also dedicated to toddlers who drop by with their mummies and daddies, well stocked up AND child-protected with toys for them to enjoy. This in itself gives a whole “cute” vibe to the place that obviously encourages families to drop by.


Seating arrangements are either tables or comfy sofas which amount to about 25 people at any given time. We also love the glass panes instead of walls which give tons of natural light to the place and allows you to enjoy the plants that they’ve got growing outside. Clearly someone here has a green thumb as well as being great at baking!


Pride of place is given to a cake mixer/grinder which has been handed down for three generations of the family that runs Hyve. Today it is the three siblings who bake, run and market Hyve. Most often than not you will find one sister mixing away or icing a cake at the open show kitchen while the other brother and sister man the counter, double up as serving staff and generally chat to everyone who walks in. Now don’t get us wrong they have super-efficient support staff but just love to have a chat with anyone who walks in through their doors.


They also helped us pick our desserts for the day, and we noticed these recommendations being readily given to anyone who like us fall in to quite the dilemma when it comes to picking desserts. (Honestly how does one pick?????). After much deliberation we settled for a Classic Crème Brulee, and two of their best-selling cakes, the Raspberry Heaven and the BlazedButter Cake. Although at first glance the desserts look a bit pricey the portions are rather large and considering how rich they are we recommend sharing!


Our Crème Brulee was fired up while we watched and served hot to our table. Every bite of the warm caramelized sugar and the cool custard underneath was reminiscent of how grandma would make this dessert back at home. The custard was not too sweet which is how we liked it and the combination of burnt sugar with it was just perfect. Of the two cakes the Blazed Butter is definitely our favourite with so many textures and flavours combined in one. The caramelized butter is indeed a strong but amazing flavour that goes well with the light sponge cake. To say that this cake is a slice of heaven is no exaggeration! The Raspberry Heaven was also a combination of some great flavours but we were just so awestruck by the Blazed Butter that this one fell short.


Hyve also serves Coffees but we were so “high” on cake that decided to limit ourselves and only had lime and mint infused warm water which is free to anyone who walks in. We think that’s a really nice gesture too! We HIGHLY recommend Hyve and would go back just for a slice of Blazed Butter!


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Easily accessible at Thimbirigasyaya Road with ample parking!)

Ambiance       ****   (Cute and cozy. We love the kiddies area!)

Service                      ***** (The family that runs it are super nice!)

Food               ****   (Kudos on the combinations!)

Overall                       **** ¼


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