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Isle of Gelato has to be one of the best Gelato places in Sri Lanka

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I still distinctively remember the first day I walked into Food Studio at the Colombo City Center. I walked in and something magnificent caught my eye. I stopped and gasped and I was overwhelmed with this feeling of happiness that it brought sudden tears to my eyes because standing in front of me was every gelato-lover’s idea of heaven, Isle of Gelato.


This would be Isle of Gelato’s third outlet and it’s pretty convenient for my gelato-loving heart because now I can satisfy my gelato cravings anytime. So our visit to Isle of Gelato at the Food Studio was quite literally like letting a kid loose in a candy store (Shanaya being the kid and Isle of Gelato being the candy store!).


We got the chance to sit down with the friendly co-owner, Suranjan Perea, and have a fun conversation with him about Isle of Gelato which is originally based in Galle Fort (Don’t forget to check our review on that outlet!). He explained to us how he and his lovely wife Shalini wanted to bring a millennial culture to the traditional gelato and introduce it to everyone here in Sri Lanka and they have successfully brought in their twist with the wide range of flavors they have created. Isle of Gelato boasts of 90 different flavors and each recipe is handcrafted by Shalini with precision and care. Everything which goes into the gelato and sorbets are fresh produce and they both try to use local produce as much as possible to showcase the vibrant fresh flavors we have and produce as a country.


Once again, we got the chance to sample all 18 flavors which were on the menu that day (sets kid loose in the candy store right about now!) and here are our top 3 flavors from our visit at Food Studio.


Everyone’s favorite flavor was the Almond Mochaccino. It was creamy, chocolatey and it had a strong hint of coffee coming through. The coffee didn’t overpower the chocolate but instead it lifted it up to its full glory. It also had the crunch of an almond praline to add texture to it and a smooth caramel for an extra dimension of flavor, thus you can see why it was one of our favorites!


My personal favorite was the Orange and Cardamom Gelato. Who knew that orange and cardamom would come together in perfect harmony? The orange flavor really shone through and the cardamom would hit you right at the end, leaving you confused in the best possible way ever!


When it comes to Isle of Gelato, many people forget the fact that they serve Sorbets as well so we decided that we should put that out there because their sorbets are as good as their gelato. The Lychee and Raspberry Sorbet is one of the most refreshing sorbets I have ever tasted and its flavor profile is so complex. The sourness of the raspberry is cut through with the sweetness of the lychees and to tie it all up together is the flavor of Rose Water and it is something everyone should try.


A special mention goes out to the Puttalam Sea Salt and Caramel Gelato, their version of a salted caramel ice cream but more elevated in flavor, with the flavors of salted caramel and the bite of peanuts in every single spoon.


Isle of Gelato has to be one of the best Gelato places in Sri Lanka, so you have to check them out. Don’t be faint-hearted to try out their flavors because it’s all part of the experience and who knows you might love it! Also don’t forget to check out their Ice cream sandwiches and Gelato popsicles!


So here’s our review…


Location         ***** (Everyone knows the CCC nowadays!)

Ambiance       ***     (It’s a food studio so nothing extraordinary except the view!)

Service           ****   (Who can not be friendly when serving ice-cream?)

Food               ****   (No comments!)

Overall                       ****



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