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Isso (Colombo 3)

We learnt a new word… Pescatarian is someone who only eats seafood and we think this might be a good option for us who love to go overboard (no pun intended!) for the best catch of the day. This is why place like “Isso” fall in to our list of must-visit places. We were super glad when Isso decided to expand their horizons and opened up a flagship restaurant in Colombo 3.


The new restaurant is down Green Path and you simply cannot miss the white building with the signature orange mural. If you do end up driving past it though prepare to go around in a few circles before you figure out how to get back on this road. No fault of theirs. Once you do get there though there’s enough parking and a friendly security uncle who has superior skills in getting you to park with precision.


Isso Colombo 3 can easily accommodate about 40 people downstairs and the upstairs is currently being spruced up to make more space for diners. The open kitchen with the menu on display and the order counter is manned by some of the nicest and most obliging guys we’ve met during our food adventures. We kid you not! Despite the place being packed like sardines (again no pun intended!) the wait staff and kitchen staff for so prompt and polite in getting us everything we needed from a table to water and what not.


So the menu basically works in three easy steps. You first pick your base from an array of seafood including shrimp, regular or jumbo prawns, baby octopus, red mullet, blue mussels, lobster tail or the latest addition which is the “Notorious Issa”. Basically that’s a mega size prawn and as its name suggests is quite notorious. Step two is picking your style of preparation and again Isso offers variations from around the world including teriyaki, Indian Makhani, Red Thai, Malabar Masala, Eastern Spice (Singapore Chilli), and the local favourites made Jaffna style, Hot Butter or super Red Hot. And then you pick your carbs from fried rice, steamed rice, couscous, roast paan, sweet potato fries or corn on the cob. The menu at Colombo 3 also has some interesting additions like the special kids menu with lobster mac n cheese and even a lobster biryani.


We felt like staying local and from the starters list ordered a portion of “Pisso Vade”. Served with spicy, tangy Coconut Chutney the portion includes 4 vades with a regular size prawn in each one. The vades were fresh and crispy on the outside and crumbled to a mess on the first bite. We didn’t quite mind coz they were super tasty.


For mains we ordered a Lobster Biriyani, and went local again with a Jaffna Style Regular Prawns preparation with Garlic Roast Paan. There’s a reason why the Isso menu has 4 chillis in front of this preparation because it was hot! We cried through most of the meal despite the warm, freshly baked roast paan cutting the spice but we loved it! To cut the fiery hotness of the prawn curry we had a spoonful of sweetcorn soup in between. The Jaffna version is the hottest on the list so if you are not in to burning your tongue then pick a lighter spiced version like the Thai Red. The Lobster Biryani we had was exceptionally good as well with a whole lobster tail full of meat, buried under a mountain of fragrant rice and lots of cashew. This portion suffices for two and is fully worth the price you pay for it.


Although Isso has some interesting desserts, our drinks were so packed with sweet goodness that we just didn’t have room for it. The Iced Mil served at Isso has 7 layers of sweet things from milo to milk and even condensed milk. Mixing all the layers together is an art and you must watch our video review of this one. Don’t let your kids have a full glass unless you want them bouncing off the walls!


Isso was a lot of fun… We loved the cheerfulness, the vibrancy of the food and despite revolving around one signature ingredient there’s just so many combinations that you need to go back time and time again.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Lots of parking but the one ways are cumbersome in this area!)

Ambiance       ****   (Love the casual, quirky atmosphere!)

Service                      ***** (Despite being packed, they rocked!)

Food               ****   (We went prawn crazy!)

Overall                       **** ¼



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