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Sri Lanka is such an experience when it comes to food. Every day you keep discovering something new and this tiny island of ours never fails to deliver on surprising us. We recently came across a post on Instagram advertising Kidu Rice delivered to your doorstep. Now the image in the post itself was quite tempting and we decided to give it a try.


Ivy Lane Kitchen is actually the restaurant section of the Clock Inn on Galle Road and has been around for a while, albeit silently. They specialize in rice n curry for lunch mainly for the offices in the vicinity but have been doing Biriyani Sawans and Kidu for special occasions as well.


So what is Kidu you may ask? Kidu is basically Rice cooked in Ghee served with Dhal, Fried and Curried Chicken or Beef, and Kaliya, which is a mixed dish of Ash Plantain and fried Eggplant. There is also a spicy Mango curry for the added flavour and colour. Kidu is a group dining meal and Ivy Lane has a 4 or 8 person’s portion which is packed in a woven coconut leaf that also adds flavour to the meal.


We ordered via Instagram and the order was promptly confirmed and delivered right on time the next day. Considering that this is a precarious sort of “container”, the delivery was done very carefully and kudos to the delivery guys for getting everything to us intact.


The moment you “unravel” the coconut leaf your nostrils are greeted with that tell-tale aroma of Ghee and you begin to salivate like crazy (not ashamed of it!). You just can’t wait to dig in. With Kidu you can’t be fancy. You basically dig in with friends and family, and occasionally fight for the rights of the meat generously poured out on top. We counted and found approximately 3 pieces of meat for each person which is a good deal.


The flavour explosion is absolutely amazing. You have the spicy and tanginess of the Mango curry coupled with the crunch of the well-seasoned meat and the Dhal to mellow it out. Each bite is reminiscent of what Sri Lanka is all about, a kaleidoscope of flavour.


We have had Kidu from several places in Colombo and the suburbs but found the version from Ivy Lane (Beef in particular) to be of value for money, clean and hygienically prepared and overall tasty. This is why we would recommend it to anyone looking for something different for Sunday lunch at home or small gatherings.


With all the social distancing of course it’s not the ideal time to be sharing these with anyone outside of the family but it is definitely a fun way to enjoy that extra time you have with the folks within your four walls.


So here’s our rating…


Delivery                    ****   (Efficient and carefully delivered!)

Packaging                  ***** (Amazing use of Pol Kola!)

Value for Money        ***** (Although it says for 4, easily can go up to 6!)

Food                          ****   (Beef is Better!)

Overall                                  **** ½



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