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We Sri Lankans have a unique relationship with Chinese food and over the years the growing number of Chinese restaurants dotting every city is testament to just how much we love it. Many call themselves authentic and are even run by Chinese nationals who have made our sunny island their home. But few have succeeded in getting the taste, consistency, presentation and all-round delivery of quality Chinese food right.


When we were growing up one of the most-sought after Chinese restaurants known for its food, ambiance and service was Flower Drum. It was almost synonymous with Chinese food and every visit was a memorable one. And then they disappeared leaving a gaping hole in Colombo’s food culture. Until now…


Reviving her father’s legacy of Kalen Gyi launched Jasmine Song, a restaurant paying tribute to her father’s love of food and commitment to quality. The first in the Jasmine Song chain was opened in Mount Lavinia and more recently an outlet was opened at Dickman’s Road. It was this outlet that we visited to see if the claims of authenticity rang true.


Situated in close proximity to the Diskman’s Road Post Office, Jasmine Song is relatively smaller in comparison to the Mount Lavinia outlet and does have limited parking on the road adjoining the post office. Seating is also limited to about 20 people per sitting in a one room affair that has the customary red lanterns and wall paintings of traditional Chinese art. We visited them on a relatively quiet Friday evening and were immediately assisted by the Manager Hashun who made sure that throughout our meal we were well taken care of.


The menu at Jasmine Song is quite lengthy with various preparations of rice, noodles, meats and vegetables. For starters we picked a rather unusual Chicken, Mushroom and Vermicelli Soup and Sesame Prawn Toast. Before we tell you anything about the food itself, Jasmine Song is super value for money. We ordered “small” portions of everything and it ended up being too much for 4 people.


The soup was an interesting combination of chicken and mushroom in a clear broth topped with deep fried vermicelli which gave each bite a nice crunch. If you prefer the soup to be slightly spicier then add a bit of soya sauce or chilli paste. But even on its own it’s got great flavour. Our Sesame Prawn Toast also had 8 pieces of toast but unfortunately it had been seasoned a little too much with salt. We had to have it in between bites of soup to be able to curb the saltiness.


For mains we went with a mixed Fried Rice (one portion spicier than the other one), Chicken in Lemon Sauce, Beef with Kan Kun, Sweet and Sour Prawns and Fried Baby Corn in Hot Butter Sauce. What struck us the most with the food was the authenticity of the flavours. The fried rice was definitely not a localized version with too much Aji-No-Moto but instead had a very prominent oyster sauce flavour. The sides we ordered were also a treat to try as we had different flavours from the lemon sauce in the chicken to the sweet and sour in the prawn to taste with each bite of rice. In fact you could either have the curries or the rice on its own with no problem at all. Special mention must be made of the baby corn dish which was novel and tasted really good.


By the time we were done with our meal there was quite a bit left over for take away as well which was graciously packed up. Dessert options are limited though so we only had a Cream Caramel which was not too much to talk about. Maybe they should consider adding some authentic Chinese desserts to the menu instead of the usual ice cream and stuff.


All in all we loved our experience at Jasmine Song and are glad that there is a place to go which is affordable, family-friendly and has arguably one of the best Chinese food experiences in town!


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Convenient but limited parking!)

Ambiance       ***     (The usual Red Paper Lanterns and wall paintings!)

Service                      ****   (Hashun and crew are great!)

Food               ***** (Goes to show that old is gold!)

Overall                       ****



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