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A MasterChef worthy home cook.

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Joshua Eardly Chocolatier

During the lockdown many people discovered hidden talents in cooking, baking and all round being a MasterChef worthy cook. A few others have now decided to leave their day jobs in the boring corporate world and take up their true passion for the culinary arts. Joshua Eradly Chocolatier is one such inspired venture.


Josh was used to baking for his friends and family and occasionally taking in orders for small gatherings. But post-lockdown and some soul searching later, he decided that baking was the way to go. The result, Joshua Eradly Chocolatier


Baking from home in Mount Lavinia, Joshua Eradly Chocolatier have a limited menu at the moment but it is a growing repertoire as Josh tried his hand at different cakes and desserts. Our first encounter was with his speciality Gooey Chocolate Brownies that were adorned with tri-colour butter cream to create Traffic Light Brownies for a friends gathering. Arguably one of the best brownies we have tasted in the over-saturated brownie market in Colombo, Joshua Eradly Chocolatier’s version is everything you could ask for in a goof brownie. Perfect crust on top and layers on gooey, sticky, chocolatey goodness inside.


Our most recent order was a signature Joshua Eradly Chocolatier Chocolate Ganache, which takes a regular Chocolate Cake and adds some pizazz to it with a Creamy and slightly Salty Chocolate Ganache. We received the cake, all intact and in sustainable and reusable brown paper packaging and a cardboard box. Even the cake tray is reusable so there’s op guilt whatsoever in ordering from these guys.


The cake was delivered completely frozen and we were instructed to keep it in the fridge at all times and pop it out about 5 minutes before consuming it. Josh also told us that a quick 10-15 second pop in the microwave gives the cake a whole different dimension when the Ganache melts. For those who prefer an extra mile of indulgence, go ahead and top this off with some Vanilla Ice Cream too. The cake itself was moist and not overly sweet which was good in our books.


We are waiting to taste some of the other creations coming out of the Josh’s kitchen but would definitely recommend ordering the brownies for any occasion or when you just have a craving.


So here’s our review….


Delivery                    ****   (On time and super service!)

Packaging                  ****   (Very sustainable!)

Value for Money        ****   (Reasonable in comparison!)

Food                          ****   (Amazing Chocolate Cake but we would go for the Brownies!)

Overall                                  ****



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