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Mama Louie’s (Colombo 05)

Hand-tossed, wood-fired pizza seems to be the in-thing in Colombo these days with so many pizzerias popping up in the city and suburbs. We’ve had the privilege of reviewing quite a few during our culinary journey and recently paid a visit to Mama Loui’s who have taken up residence at one of our favourite locations in Colombo, Sooriya Village.


Sooriya Village holds a lot of fond memories for us as it happened to be one of the first reviews we actually did long time ago when they ran their own restaurant. The outdoor dining space has now been taken over by Mama Louie’s while the library, recording rooms and studio still remains. Ambiance wise nothing much has changes with the psychedelic piano and a little scary looking devil dancers greeting you as you enter. 


The menu at Mama Louie’s is quite simple and straightforward. A handful of starters, hot and cold beverages, a selection of pizzas and some interesting sounding desserts make up the menu out of which we went with two interesting ones that we want to highlight. The Black Mojito and the Mama’s Blue were both refreshing to say the very least but had distinct flavours that were perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon. They also paired will with the pizza that we ordered and lasted the entire meal making them value for money.


The Black Mojito essentially follows a regular Mojito recipe and uses Coke instead of Sprite giving it both a novel flavour and colour. A lot of places serve a Coke and Lime concoction but Mama Louie’s version with the mint leaves, lime and brown sugar granules were perfectly balanced just the way we like it. Blue Curacao is also another famous syrup in most restaurants and a lot of folks try to do different things with it. At Mama Louie’s you get a tall glass with the syrup at the bottom, topped up with Sprite and garnished with mint leaves. Again the balance of the flavours were on point with nothing overpowering the other and making it just right for the meal.


Off the starter menu we went with a Chicken Pita which is a well-spiced chicken filling wrapped up in a Tortilla. Mama Louie’s serves it crispy and piping hot after placing it in the oven which means you need to be ready for a filling oozing out, gooey mess that we thoroughly enjoyed. Special mention on the presentation for this one.


Off the pizza menu we went with a classic 4 cheese, an Australian Spicy Lamb, a Sri Lankanized Spicy Chicken and an in-house special Melting Cheese with USA Pepperoni and Sausage. It’s really hard to actually pick a favourite especially from among the 4 cheese and the melting cheese, simply because we can’t get enough of cheese. The 4 cheese was one of the better ones we have tasted with the distinctiveness of the 4 cheese used being very clear. One could taste the Mozzarella and the Blue Cheese separately instead of having the acquired taste of the Blue outshine the others. The Melting Cheese was definitely the star of the show with crispy Pepperoni and Sausage slices being in abundance among the fresh Basil that added aroma, colour and flavour. Overall we loved how Mama Louie’s does their pizza and presents them as well.


For dessert despite being filled to the brim with pizza we had Chocolate Chip Cookies and a warm Brownie. While the cookies could have been a bit more moist and chocolatey, the Brownie was a good rendition with a nice outer crust and a gooey center with lots of extra Chocolate sauce on top. Kudos again for generosity.


Sooriya Village is a nice place to hang out and hacing Mama Louie’s adds to its allure as it is a no fuss menu that’s light on the purse and satisfying as well.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****               (Conveniently located at the Sooriya Village premises!)

Ambiance       ****              (The whole vibe at Sooriya is so welcoming!)

Service           ****               (!)

Food               ****               (Value for money pizza!)

Overall           ****



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