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Cafes are popping up everywhere around Colombo and Monkeybean Café is the newest addition to the lot. The trend of Coffee shops and cafes are on the rise and Monkeybean is trying their best to stand out with their interesting menu, a concept of Paninis and their cold pressed apple juice.


Monkeybean Café is a small establishment located down Perehara Mawatha, Colombo 03. It really is a nice place with the calming color scheme of black and yellow against wooden tables, neutral colored walls and the vintage patterned floors. Their menu of Paninis and beverages are written on cute blackboards to give the café a rustic vibe. Jude, the owner of Monkeybean sat down with us and explained a few things about the café to us. He said that a café is supposed to be a place you can depend on, whether you come in tomorrow or visit the café 5 years from now, you will still have the same food, the same experience and the same welcoming feeling. They also call their Paninis “Shri Paninis” and it’s basically a panini but with its own Sri Lankan twist. He also explained to us that consistency was a big deal for them and that they want to give their customers a quality experience and great food.


As it is a café, we tried their coffees and drinks including their cappuccino and the Almond Latte from their coffees. Being heavy drinkers of coffee, we are somewhat picky when it comes to coffee but this Cappuccino was pretty satisfying and strong. The Almond Latte is one of their vegan options and you can either choose Coconut Milk or Almond Milk, but we weren’t fans of it as somehow the flavours weren’t combined right and something was definitely amiss. We also tried their White Chocolate Ice Blend. It’s not really your usual ice blend but it was definitely quite tasty and we would have it again the next time we go to Monkeybean. Their Hot Chocolate though had us shook. It was this tall glass of melted Belgian Chocolate and hot milk and it was just absolute chocolate heaven. Monkeybean also serves a Strawberry Lemonade which much to our delight tasted like a proper lemonade without a watered down juice like most of the ‘lemonades’ we’ve had before. And finally, the one thing on the menu which sets them apart, the Cold-Pressed Apple Juice. They highly promote their apple juice, as only a very few know that it has the exact same effect as coffee and is actually more long lasting and consistent than coffee or caffeine kicks. But there is more! It doesn’t get you addicted to it and one cup of their apple juice consists of 6 apples which is a meal in itself. We loved how refreshing the juice was.


Next we move to the food. Mostly serving paninis Monkey Bean also has an English Breakfast for anyone who is craving a full breakfast meal any time of the day. The English Breakfast was served with two slices of thick Brioche toast, sausages, two sunny side ups, chicken ham and the usual Anchor butter and jam. The breakfast itself was quite filling and tasty but it lacked seasoning and had us wanting a bit more of salt on the food. It also didn’t do much visually for those who need tier food to look good before devouring it!


The Paninis were the highlight of our visit. We ordered two savory paninis and their one sweet Panini. The Cubano is basically their take on a Cuban sandwich which is originally just cheese and ham. The twist to the classic cuban sandwich was a tangy homemade mango salsa which brought this interesting sweet and sour flavor to the sandwich.


The Beef Chillie was our personal favorite and according to Jude this is their Number one selling sandwich. It was spicy and meaty and anyone who likes a kick of chilli in their food would definitely like this one.


The Naughty Chocolate Sandwich is actually one of the naughtiest sandwiches we have ever tasted. It’s a perfectly toasted panini oozing with melted Belgian Chocolate paired with cold whipped cream. Alright so let’s focus on the whipped cream first. Now unlike most cafes or restaurants the whipped cream served at Monkeybean isn’t meant for the taste, texture or just for the sake of throwing it out there for no absolute reason other than the fact that everyone does it. But the whipped cream which isn’t the regular sweet one you usually get is actually meant to clean your palettes. Regardless of that the whipped cream was super creamy and wasn’t as sweet as you’d expect it to be (which I like because it isn’t supposed to be whipped honey anyway). Now the bread was absolutely delightful and was served us hot and melty and a chocolate explosion.


Monkeybean is a great place for you to satisfy you panini and hot chocolate cravings and everything from their brioche to the mango salsa is all made in-house so you are guaranteed to get fresh and tasty food. Our visit to Monkeybean was pleasant and chocolatey and quite satisfying.


So here’s our rating…


Location ***              (Parking is an issue!)

Ambiance ****          (Cute and quirky!)

Service ****              (Jude & Co. are super cool!)

Food ****                  (Great Paninis!)

Overall *** ¾



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