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Being an Asian country our taste buds naturally crave similar cuisines which explains why we have so many Chinese, Indian and more recently Japanese, Thai and the likes strewn across Sri Lanka. Colombo though is now blessed with a restaurant that brings the best of Asian street food under one roof. The Monsoon, is as welcome as its namesake to a tropical island that can get starved for rain as much as for good food.


A welcome addition to the Park Street stretch Monsoon is by far one of the most tastefully decorated restaurants in Colombo. We were told that even their cutlery gets brought down from Japan to maintain the theme and ambiance of the place. We were well taken care of from the get go and the food arrived within 5-10 minutes of orders being placed. Considering that this is street food it actually needs to be delivered super quickly. The staff also know quite a bit about the menu items and clearly take a lot of pride in their work.


The Group Executive Chef at Monsoon is from Australia while the Head Chef is Malaysian. Adding to the international expertise is the Sous Chef who hails from the Philippines. When we visited they were also in the process of hiring two more chefs from Thailand and Indonesia in order to maintain the proper Asian standards. Monsoon makes most of their own sauces but do import some from Asia and get their beef down from Australia. The seafood used though comes fresh from Puttlam.


Wanting to dig in to the carefully curated menu, we ordered a Peach Blossom and Ginger Julep for our drinks. Now drinks are a bit pricey and can be a bit more generous with the size of the serving. Peach Nectar, Lime, Rose Water and Ginger Beer make up the Peach Blossom which is quite the refresher. The Ginger Julep was a bit too strong for our liking though with a hint on Mint and an overpowering flavour of Grenadine and Ginger Ale. We prefer the former to the latter.


To go with our drinks we ordered a quirkily named Prawn Sarong and Goi Cuon Rolls from the streets of Vietnam. The “sarong” is actually crispy vermicelli noodles wrapped around succulent prawns and served with a Spicy Chilli Sauce which we absolutely loved. The rice paper rolls with the Peanut Dipping Sauce was equally scrumptious. Having wetted our appetites with these two we then ordered Kao Phad Phu (Thai Crab Fried Rice), Beef Rendang, Phad Tha (Stir-fried Rice Noodles) and Tauhu Bakar (Grilled Bean Curd). To say the very least the crab fried rice was fabulous with generous crab meat and rice that was not oily or too spicy. It perfectly combined with the Rendang Beef where the gravy was thick and spicy with a very familiar taste of coconut milk. The stir-fried noodles was also good but not as great as the rice. 


Having tried Thai and Vietnamese for mains we thought of trying Indonesian for dessert and ordered a Kuih Ketayap which is traditional rolled pandan flavour pancakes with sweet, toasted coconut flakes. This was again amazing and not too sweet. Served warm the dessert was just melt-in-your-mouth.


Overall we were very impressed with the authenticity of the food and the ambiance at Monsoon. Definitely going back for more since Asian food is such a vast area to cover!


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Conveniently located on the Park Street Mews stretch!)

Ambiance       ***** (Exquisite interiors!)

Service                      ***** (Very friendly and timely delivery!)

Food               ****   (Authentic Asian street food in a plush setting!)

Overall                       **** ½ 



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