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Nai Miris Addict

Sri Lankans have a strange relationship with spices. Some may even call it an obsession or an addiction. For us it’s a good kind of addiction and we love finding people who share our passion.


Since of late Sri Lankans have a newfound love for “Nai Miris” or Bird’s Eye Chilli. Almost every restaurant and eatery has introduced Nai Miris in some form or the other to their menu. Now while there are a few pioneers like Arthur’s Pizza who introduced the super chilli on their pizzas and pastas, not everyone gets it right when it comes to pairing the super, fiery flavours with the right types of food.


Nai Miris Addict by Island Mom is a home-based sauce-maker who is attempting to take this versatile chilli and introduce the right way of pairing it up with your favourite foods. Made from scratch with the best locally sourced ingredients their portfolio has a range of sauces that also have different fieriness grades to choose from.


Orders can be placed via Instagram or by calling them up and delivery can also be arranged for an added fee. We had two version in the Mild and Extreme categories sent over and immediately loved the fact that recycled newspaper bags are used. The 250g jars have tell-tale hotness meters but if you are a real Nai Miris addict you can also tell by the actual colour of the sauce.


Being a little chicken to try it out on its own, we mixed the Extreme Hot with some Cottage Cheese that we had to make a dip for a grazing table which turned out to be great with crackers. Once we got the hang of it though the Medium Hot one disappeared with Chicken Wings. The Extreme Hot also went well as a substitute for Lunu Miris with hot, hot Hoppers. There really is no end to what you can try the sauces with and we did have some brave souls trying it even with some Vanilla Ice Cream!!!! Apparently it was good….


In terms of the actual sauces we love that the Nai Miris is not really overpowering and you can taste the onion and garlic among other condiments that are added in as well. Overall it gives an explosion of flavour that is truly Sri Lankan.


So here’s our review…


Delivery         ****   (Efficient and timely!)

Packaging       ***** (Love the newspaper bag!)

Service           ****   (On time and courteous!)

Food               ****   (Feeling hot, hot, hot!)

Overall                       **** ¼


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