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So we have another franchise that recently opened up in Colombo. Pasta Mania though is not about fast food. Instead they promise to deliver the very best Italian dishes, some well known like the pizza and pasta and others completely novel to our Sri Lankan taste buds.


We have a lot of pizzerias in Colombo also doing their takes on the classics but Pasta Mania is one place that does everything Italian including bringing down all their ingredients straight from Italy. This they say is done to ensure the authenticity of the recipes. We wanted to put it to the test.


Located down a busy section of Duplication Road, Pasta Mania is not hard to find. Parking however may be a bit of an issue especially since the area has several restaurants and you can’t really park on any of the by-lanes either. Once you do find your way in, Pasta Mania is a well-spaced out and bustling restaurant even at the odd hour of 3pm when we visited. Orders are taken on a tab and sent directly to the kitchen to ensure that the turnaround time on orders is quick. We also love the idea of the scoreboard that keeps track of how many of each dish they’ve served up in a day.


Our drinks order for the day included a Passion Peach Tea, Rosehip and Strawberry Quencher and an Iced Long Black Coffee. All the drinks come with fat straws and are very diner style. All three drinks we ordered tasted completely different from each other with the Passion peach being more savoury tasting and the Quencher being super sweet. The black coffee would be ideal for heavy coffee lovers but we felt the drinks were a little over-priced at 500 each. The best accompaniment for our food though was the Passion Peach Tea.


To start off with we ordered three appetizers, Cheddar Cheese Sticks, Cola Chicken Wings and Calamari. The Cheddar Cheese Sticks definitely stood out with health strips of cheddar in bread crumbs and fried to perfection. All dishes at Pasta Mania are served with Chilli Flakes, Tabasco and Parmesan Cheese so for the added kick dip these in Tabasco. The Cola Wings were also pretty good with a slight hint of cola as you tuck in to the meat. The lightly battered Cajun spiced squid rings were also crispy and wasn’t thankfully drooping with oil.


Pasta Mania allows you to choose from your favourite type of pasta for your mains. We ordered a classic Carbonara, a traditional Meatball topped Pasta and a vegetarian Button Mushroom Pizza. The Carbonara had the perfect creaminess to it with generous chunks of Italian Chicken Bacon, Egg and lots of Parmesan. The Tomato-based pasta though didn’t sit too well with us as there was a lot of acidity in the sauce which killed the rest of the flavours. We did love the authentic thin crust pizza though which had a lot of Button Mushrooms, Artichokes and Olives on top. To ensure healthiness all meals at Pasta Mania are cooked only with Olive Oil which we also endorse.

If you want to have some dessert, Pasta Mania has a nice little ice-cream bar selling Italian gelatos or you could try a thin crust pizza topped with your favourite ice-cream dollop over fruits or chocolate topping.


The overall taste of Italian food is more herbs based and for us who love our spice may not be very satisfying. But we do have those who love the milder dishes and Pasta Mania is a good place we feel for them.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ***     (Parking is a bit of an issue but pretty easy to find)

Ambiance       ****   (Nicely decorated and comfortable seating!)

Service                      ****   (Very friendly and attentive for a franchise!)

Food               ****   (Although the portions aren’t the greatest taste does the trick!)

Overall                       *** ¾ 



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