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The opening of Peppermint Café was much awaited and they had raised the expectations of the people and the bar so high that we were a bit worried that it would turn out to be over-hyped and a disappointment but fortunately we were proved wrong.


Peppermint Café is the first of its kind. With cafes and coffee shops popping all around Colombo they needed to bring their customers something different that would set them apart, and behold! Say Hello to Colombo’s first 24/7 and Pet-Friendly Cafe! (We didn’t see any doggies when we went so that was a bit of a disappointment!). Peppermint Café has a few interesting things about it, they’ve actually thought about a few things. We noticed that they had a few plug points everywhere for you to charge your phone, a few hand sanitizer dispensers plugged into the walls and a slide for adults (well specifically, for kids OVER 8 years of age!).


Since the concept is supposed do to be eco-friendly seating is all outdoors. Yes, it’s a little bit sunny and hot but they have strategically placed enough fans around the premises. Our only issues were the constant buzzing of pesky flies and the absence of a washroom (like why though? It’s a literal essential!)


The interior of the place is absolutely gorgeous, with striking murals, big and bold chandeliers and hand-painted flowers and vines on the pillars around you. Peppermint Café really sets the vibe for a chilled evening.


Their menu is considered to be ‘American portions with an edge’ with a breakfast section, salads and a wide variety of mains and desserts. They also have an extensive beverage menu from coffees to monster shakes. We got four interesting drinks, a Coke Float, a Coffee float, a Blue Curacao Mojito and one of their signature shakes, The Choco Monster Bomb.


The Coke Float is basically as its name suggests Coca Cola with Vanilla Ice Cream on the top. It’s pretty basic but surprisingly a great drink for a hot day. The Coffee Float had us a bit confused however because we got hot coffee even though it was on the list of Cold Coffees. It was a bit underwhelming because it was bitter and quite watered down.


On the other hand the Choc Monster Bomb was quite impressive looking, it was quite big in portion and it was smothered with whipped cream which tasted like marshmallow fluff, and choco balls, mini choc chips and chocolate syrup. In a nutshell it was an explosion of chocolate! It was super sweet and the perfect drink for some who doesn’t mind having sugar for a meal because it’s quite filling for a shake because of the quantity. But our favourite drink was definitely the Blue Curacao Mojito. It was refreshing and the citrusy flavours of the Blue Curacao really shone through.


From the breakfast menu we got the Platter of Bruschetta. It was six pieces of whole-wheat bread and the following toppings; Spinach and Mushroom, Cream Cheese and Chicken Ham, Prawn and Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto, Nutella and Bananas and Strawberries and Cream. While each of the flavours were executed properly we felt the price tag on this one was a little too high. We get that they used super fresh ingredients but still considering that you can’t even share this it’s too pricey. Taste wise though it was pretty good. The avocado salsa was well balanced and we appreciated the tiny bite sized lime wedges which brought a certain freshness to the prawn and avocado bruschetta. The cream cheese and ham one was our favourite, with the cream cheese having a certain amount of saltiness. The two sweet bruschetta also hit the mark. They were generous with the Nutella and the whipped cream (again tasted like marshmallow fluff).


We ordered three things off their mains, the Hot Chili Cheese Fries, the Spicy Prawn and Cheesy Pasta and the Crispy Chicken Burger with Fries. The Hot Chili Cheese fries were exactly what you think they are, hot and crispy fat fries loaded with a flavourful chicken chilli and melted cheese. This was certainly one of the better ones we’ve tried.


The Spicy Prawn and Cheesy Pasta was everything we have ever hoped for in a pasta, it was creamy, cheesy and the Fettuccine was cooked al dente. The prawns were cooked to perfection and it had a good bit of heat through it and the pasta was a hit. The Crispy Chicken Burger was alright, there was nothing really special about it.


In conclusion, our visit to Peppermint Café was a pleasant one. Yes, it was a bit of a miss with the drinks but they made it up with better food. It’s a nice place to chill out and you can go there any time because it’s open 24/7. So go and grab a bite and maybe take the adult sized slide on your way out instead of the normal stairs (because why walk when you can slide!)


So here’s our rating…


Location ****            (Conveniently located where Horton meets Wijerama!)

Ambiance *****        (We love the outdoor concept and the slide!)

Service ***                (Service was pretty slow!)

Food ***                    (Value for money is a bit of an issue!)

Overall *** ¾



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