R.A.W (Refreshing Ayurvedic Wellness)

R.A.W (Refreshing Ayurvedic Wellness) Claimed

With the heat wave hitting Sri Lanka quite hard these days R.A.W is all you need!

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With the heat wave hitting Sri Lanka quite hard these days and COVID-19 making everyone more health conscious, the ancient practices of ayurveda are certainly making a comeback to our food markets. Ronali Perera certainly foresaw or in her own words heard God tell her back in 2016 that “raw juice” was the way to go. That was how R.A.W was born. Concentrating entirely on combining fruits, vegetables and herbs to create perfect blends of juices and cleanses R.A.W is all about wellness in a bottle.


Our order was promptly taken by the lovely Ronali herself and was delivered to us intact and still quite cold. RAW uses glass bottles which are reusable and are sent in reusable bags as well, which gave them plus points from the get go. Our order consisted of 5 varieties of cleanses and for the purpose of the review we are going to list them in favourites order. However, for starters let us tell you that each concoction has several ingredients but a very distinct flavour of one of them.


Ruby Red is a combination of Beetroot, Watermelon, King Coconut, Mint and Chia Seeds. The first sip gives you a deep taste of Beetroot and it’s in the aftertaste that the Mint presents itself. The Watermelon and King Coconut is very subtle and the Chia Seeds almost make it feel like you’re having one of those not-so-healthy Faludas. In terms of its nutritional value the bottle tells us that it’s good for increasing athletic ability helps with digestion, and is good for so many other things.


Cucumber, Pineapple, Lemon and King Coconut make up the Yummy Yellow and like its name suggests it is quite yummy indeed. Pineapple certainly stands out in this combination that is listed to be good for freshening your breath and even reducing the risk of cancer.


Interestingly Gotukola, Karapincha, King Coconut and Naarang combined to create Green Glow has a strong, acquired taste of one of our favourite herbs in all curries. Although the Karapincha flavour and aroma is strong in this one it has quite a refreshing tone to it as well. Apparently its food for your skin, and detoxifies your body so we’re not complaining.


Glorious Green which has the most amount of ingredients like Gotukola, Gauva, Mukunuwenna, Ginger, Pineapple, Thebu and Hathawariya sounded like a Vedha Mahattaya’s Beheth Wattoruwa but super-chilled was our fourth favourite in terms of taste. This one was thicker than the other cleanses as well so if you are not a fan then chugging it down is a tad bit harder. But we found the taste of the “mallung” kola to be predominant in this one.


Lastly we had the Orange Obsession and the only reason we didn’t like this is because we’re not fans of Turmeric, especially not in a beverage. Despite having Carrot, Naarang, King Coconut, Ginger and Honey in it the Turmeric was just too strong for our liking. But it is good for maintaining a healthy liver, improving brain function and so much more.


Now our review is based on the taste factors of these cleanses and not necessarily on the long-term results of the beverages. We are however planning on taking a complete detox and will update the review on actual benefits after that.


Till then here’s our review…


Delivery         ****   (Prompt and secure!)

Packaging       ****   (Reusable bottles and bags!)

Service           ****   (Courteous and responds really fast to inquiries!)

Food               ****   (Refreshing!)

Overall                       ****



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