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Sugar, Salt & Sprinkles

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner everyone is rushing to find that perfect gift for that special someone. Most of us though are also a bit tired of the same old promotions and events that the hotels and restaurants offer and just want to do something different. If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach then why not try that out?


Sugar, Salt and Sprinkles are all geared up this season to entice you and your loved ones with some delectable Valentine’s delights. As its name suggests this home baker’s repertoire consists of savouries, sweets and a little bit of magic that makes her desserts so drool worthy. Operating from her home and personally creating and baking every goody, these guys need advance notice if you plan to order their savouries in particular. Selected desserts however, are available on demand at Geek HQ.


So what did we order? Off the savouries menu we got the Honey-glazed Pork Chops, Chilli Garlic Sausages and Loaded Mash. For Valentines these individual dishes have been combined to make a complete meal. You can call them out to find out the special pricing for a Valentine’s meal for two.


Let’s start with the Loaded Mash. Unlike your regular cream-like consistency this version is chewier and the little bits of goodness in the form of Lingus and Bacon are such a welcome treat. Chopped up bits of Spring Onion add both crunch and flavour to the side dish. It would do so much better though if the Mash is served with a gravy to top it off especially if you are having it stand-alone. However, since the Mash we had was a part of a full meal the sauces from the meats compensated. The Chilli Garlic Sausages were also quite succulent and we loved the very prevalent garlic taste. It was however the Pork Chops that really stole the day for us. Honey-glazed and caramelized to perfection, the pork chops were tender and melt-in-your mouth. The meat was just perfectly done and was a visual treat as much as it was on our taste-buds.


For dessert we had the special Valentine-themed cupcakes in two varieties. The Berry Passionate which combines strawberry and passion fruit in perfection was a Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla butter cream and this zesty burst of the two fruits in the middle. For those who aren’t big chocolate fans this is a definite must-try. But if Chocolate is your nemesis then the Nutellove is just right. I mean who doesn’t love Nutella? The Chocolate cupcake with Nutella in the center and Chocolate butter cream frosting was topped off with little red and pink heart-shaped sprinkles that made for a decadent dessert.


Two versions of Valentines Cookies were also ordered and the Sugar Cookies in particular really took our fancy. We also noticed that the icing and presentation was very detailed and neat which made the cookies so much more presentable event before the first bite. Personally we liked the Sugar Cookies better and at 125 rupees each they were quite a steal for a rather large cookie.


We also tried one of the Sugar, Salt & Sprinkles signature Chocolate Biscuit Pudding versions which was quite boozy. The combination of rum in the chocolate cream and white chocolate bits made this one quite heady! So rich that we couldn’t have more than a couple of bites!


We also love how these guys are very particular on dietary preferences and make it a point to ask about allergies when your order. They are also quite particular about sustainable packaging and will suggest that you reuse whenever possible. Overall the experience of placing an order to delivery, presentation and taste was definitely one of the better home-operations that we have come across in recent times.


So here’s our review…


Delivery         ****   (We like that the timelines are specific and stuck to!)

Packaging       ****   (Clean and sustainably packed!)

Service           ****   (A lot of attention to dietary concerns!)

Food               ****   (Lovely presentations!)

Overall                       ****



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