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Taco Bell   Just about a week before Taco Bell had its soft opening, I almost died of an unsatisfied Mexican food craving. So much so that I resorted to making my own tacos at home. But then came the good news.   As soon as the signage came up on the Horton Place outlet and the posts on Facebook went viral I had to try go try it for myself. Having tried Taco Bell overseas I was a little hesitant at first since most international franchises can’t seem to keep up with the quality of the food they serve locally but the cravings just got worse.   So on a sunny afternoon, two colleagues and I dropped in to basically try everything on the menu. Let’s start with the bad part. We are GENUINELY disappointed (as are many other fans) that Taco Bell has opted to not serve beef and pork. Mexican cuisine involves a lot of meat and although we understand the management’s view point, it is sad to not have beef in your tortillas! Sigh!   Taco Bell serves lots of typical diner drinks like the Irish Coffee Shake and Double Chocolate Shake and also the California Tan. The shakes are super thick and even a fat straw doesn’t suffice at times but we only have one word to describe it… Amazing! On the other hand all three of us did not like the California Tan. Although it’s labeled non-alcoholic it was way too strong. The mojitos they serve also loses much of its flavour since they put a whole heap of ice cubes. Half way through the meal, it feels like you’re drinking flavoured water. Our recommendation is that you stick with the shakes.   Basically how it works at Taco Bell is that you first pick your carb, then the filling and the sauce comes last. To start with we went with the namesake Crunchy Taco with Mexican Chicken and the Soft Taco with Fajita Chicken. Out of the two we recommend you go with the crunchy versions which are more gooey and messy to eat.   The Chalupa they serve here is pretty thick and can be quite filling. We tried ours with Crispy Fish and Smokey Chipotle Sauce. Although the sauce is our personal favourite the fish had too much oil in it and we recommend you keep with the chicken varieties instead. We also tried the Burrito packed with Fajita Chicken and topped with Cool Ranch Sauce. Despite the sauce being a little too tangy the Burrito is super yummy when all those flavours combine in your mouth.   For a cheese fanatic like me, the Cheesy Quesadilla is also just perfect but warning it needs to be eaten piping hot or it loses its gooeyness and becomes more rubbery. Once we had tucked in to all that, the must-have is the Loaded Nachos. Nothing is quite like these chips that come topped with everything from cheese to salsa to sour cream. The portion is big enough to share but who wants to share Nachos, right?   If that isn’t quite enough, then for dessert you could have those crispy chips again in the form of a Chocolate Caramel Tostada. As its name suggests the chips are topped with caramel and chocolate sauce and dusted with cinnamon sugar. We just wish they would put some more topping though!   One word of advice for Taco Bell would also be to give customers an abundance of paper serviettes. It is a messy meal after all and we prefer if you let us select a corner and forget our manners and tuck in, but have ample tissues to hide the evidence!   So here’s our rating…   Location         ***** (Easy to find, good parking space but overcrowded at the moment!) Ambiance       ****   (Casual and laid back!) Service                      ****   (Kudos on knowing the background of Mexican food!) Food               ***     (Affordable but we are a little stung with the no beef factor!) Overall                       ****



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