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Another one of the grand dame’s hidden treasures!

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The 1864

Housed within the wine cellar of the iconic Galle Face Hotel, the 1864 is another one of the grand dame’s hidden treasures when it comes to dining. The antique interiors perfectly complement the history of the colonial building and makes for the perfect ambiance for date night. The low lighting only adds to the allure of the place. We chose a lazy weekend evening to visit them and immediately fell in love with the place and the food.


Open since 2006, the wine cellar has a musty yet comforting air about it and we loved dining among the bottles of wine from the best vineyards in the world. As a fine-dining restaurant we went through several courses and were quite taken up by the intricacy of the plating. The concept behind the menu is “small” plates which are predominantly starters and the “large plates” which are more of the main courses.


For starters we ordered a Vanilla-marinated Tasmanian Salmon and Grilled King Scallops. All tables get a complimentary basket of bread that comes packed with Hard Rolls, Focaccia, Wheat Bread, Bread Sticks and Rye Bread. Freshly baked, the breads were perfect for bites in between the vanilla and sea salt cured Tasmanian salmon fillet served with Pink Pomelo. The salmon was melt-in-your-mouth perfect and the vanilla, sea salt crust added quite a texture to it. The scallops were also full of flavour with a hint of tanginess from the orange confit it was served with.


As a palate cleanser 1864 serves a complimentary strawberry sorbet after the small plates. While enjoying this burst of berry flavours we also ordered our drinks for the night, a Passion Pineapple Punch and a Passion Cooler. The first drink which had coconut milk in it didn’t do much for us because of an overpowering, oily taste in the coconut but the cooler made up for it with a refreshing passion fruit base sweetened just right.


Next came the soups out of which we chose the Cream of Zucchini and a Quail pot-au-feu. The simpler vegetarian soup was a slightly thick consistency was good but the show-stopper was the rich broth mixed with chive sour cream and grilled boneless quail meat just tantalizing the taste buds.


For mains we ordered a Spice-roasted Baby Chicken served with mild spices, Citrus fruit, Rosemary and Thyme, Mashed Potato and Garlic Raisin Gravy. We loved the combination of spices that had worked its way in to the chicken and could be tasted in every bite. Our other options was Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Black Peppercorn and Lime from the sauces and Pistachio and dry Currant Pilaf Rice which turned out to be amazing. The rice had a fragrance which got our insides churning and when eaten with the grilled and sauce-dipped prawns was a power-packed punch full of flavours.


We chose to go non-alcoholic during our visit, but for those who wish to have a glass of wine in between the courses, the choices are endless from red to white, sparkling and even champagne. Instead we chose two elaborate desserts to finish off our meal. The Chocolate Elice made with Rich Chocolate Ganache, Artisan Coffee Ice-cream, a Baked Honeycomb and Peanut Brittle was by far one of the craziest in terms of the combinations of flavours we have tried. The chocolate and the coffee combines for a heady, sugar rush while the honeycomb and peanut adds a salty sweetness to every bite. The Chocolate Marquise or the 1864 version of a Triple Chocolate Mousse was garnished with Poached Orange Compote, Caramelized Hazelnuts and Artisan Butterscotch Ice-cream. Again a myriad of flavours from the chocolate, orange, caramel, butterscotch and hazelnuts was simply divine.


The 1864 is a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Colombo and certainly lived up to our expectations. So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (An icon within the iconic GFH!)

Ambiance       ****   (Beautiful antique interiors!)

Service           ****   (Courteous but slow!)

Food               ****   (Pricey but worth it!)

Overall                       ****


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