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The world we live in is such a fast paced one that gone are the days when we the privilege of consuming a home cooked meal. Since cooking at home is out of the equation for many of the busy bees, we tend to eat out often. This has resulted in eateries popping up all over the country on a daily basis.


The Cauldron is a new café in town located on Stratford Avenue, Colombo 06. The café was founded by a lovely couple who share not only a mutual interest for Harry Potter but also for great food and creating a space for dreamers like themselves. A cauldron is a large metal pot for cooking over an open fire but for Dushanthi Wimaladasa and Tharanga Perera, the name has two connotations. One is that like in a cauldron something is brewing inside signifying the idea hub that they hope to create with their café. Two is that from inside the cauldron comes warmth which is how the duo wants every customer to feel. At “The Cauldron”, each and every customer will be encouraged to feel at home and free.


The Cauldron is a place where youngsters will be encouraged to dream and live their youth to the fullest and the portraits of people who attempted to change the world that adorn the walls of the space is a testament to the message they hope to deliver.


The first item off of the menu that we tasted was the Hot Chocolate Topped with Marshmallows and the strong taste of the cocoa that comes through will definitely give you a good kick of energy. When it comes to hot chocolate, it is easy for the beverage to be made in a very sugar heavy manner but the hot chocolate here was perfectly balanced and ideal for a rainy day. We also tried a unique drink on their menu called a “Kiwi Crush”. Made from high quality kiwi puree that they import from France, this is ideal for those who need a sugar rush. The drink is very thick and extremely sweet which may not go down well with some people who are more figure conscious. Our drinks also included a “Very Berry Smoothie”, a concoction of strawberry, raspberry and yoghurt. The beverage was served in a tall glass with swirls of bright pink on the inside of the glass making it a very pretty sight. Be warned that the drinks at Cauldron are quite large and for some may be a complete meal in a glass. We were happy with all three that we tried out but thought the Hot Chocolate was the sure winner!


To start off with the food factor, we tried a “Pol Sambol, Sausage and Cheese Sandwich”. This is indeed a personal favorite of mine for many reasons. The pol sambol, cheese and sausage combo works together perfectly and compliments each of the ingredients in perfect harmony. We also tried the “Rosemary Grilled Chicken Wrap”. The highlight of this dish is definitely the lightness of the wrap itself. These guys use actual tortillas instead of flat bread which we think is great. We also love the BBQ sauce that is used to keep the filling together.


One of the key things about eating at “The Cauldron” is getting your hands dirty so our next food option required us to use our bare hands. Taking our good ‘ol pol rotti, the team here have created a “Pol Rotti Burger” which consisted of two round pol rotti stacked on top of each other and a tuna patty in the middle with a generous serving of seeni sambol lathering the flavorful patty. The seeni sambol was just amazing but we felt they could opt for something other than tuna as the patty on this one.


“The Cauldron” loves their pol rotti and the next dish we tried is a clever spin on Sri Lanka’s favourite fast food. Instead of godamba rotti, they use pol rotti cut up in to chunks for their rendition. Served on top of an omlette and with a side serving of chicken, the kottu has generous chunks of veggies in them as well. What makes this dish the greatest though is the vegetarian gravy that is served with it. We tried our best to get them to reveal their secret ingredient but they just wouldn’t! Whatever is in it though is just awesomeness!


After a hearty meal that filled our hearts and stomachs we were urged to try their “Pol Pani Pancakes” for dessert. The fluffy pancakes served with “apey” pol pani and jaggery instead of maple syrup is best eaten warm and is the perfect way to end a tough day.


So here’s our review…


Location         ***     (Convenient but limited parking)

Ambiance       ****   (Very artsy and comfortable but a tad bit too cold!)

Service           ****   (The staff are super sweet!)

Food               ****   (Love the innovation!)

Overall                       *** ¾



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