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The new kid on the Flower Road block has Colombo ranting and raving. The Embazzy hasn’t really done much advertising or marketing and has relied purely on word of mouth. What we’ve heard from many who’ve been here has all been pretty good so we decided to try it out for ourselves.


The Embazzy is not hard to find right at the entrance to Flower Road from the Royal College end. The stark white colonial looking building has ample parking space and a very welcoming look to it right from the first glance.


About the interior, we can’t get enough of this place so we’ll just list out what we love.


*The wrought iron world map

*The stairs that tell you all you need to know about the highest peaks in the world

*The interesting artefacts from around the world

*The play-stations!

*The books, magazines and game board that just make you want to spend hours here…


Ok so now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk food and drinks. The Embazzy basically serves favourite dishes from around the world you you’ve got everything from laksa to risotto and even fish n’ chips. The menus are basic A4 sheets and we were told it keeps changing hence why they haven’t really got a standard menu as yet.


Their drinks menu is pretty comprehensive covering everything from fresh juices, to hot and cold coffee drinks, milkshakes and smoothies. We tried an Antioxidant Blast, a Strawberry Virgin Mojito and what is called a Deep Blue Explorer. The Mojito is definitely one of the better ones we’ve tried in the city and the antioxidant is great if you prefer healthy drinks. It’s got beetroot, strawberry, lime and blue berries in it (hence the 600rupee price tag!) and can work as a complete meal. The pick of the drinks however, is the Deep Blue Explorer. Served in a rather tall glass, this Aquamarine concoction had a distinct mint flavour to it added with a bit of saltiness that makes it completely different to what we’ve tried anywhere else. Highly recommended!


While we waited for our drinks we also ordered a Kochchi Cheese Toast and a Spicy Laksa as our entrees. The Cheese Toast comes to the table piping hot and the fact that they are super generous with their Mozzarella is a definite plus. We loved the spiciness of the very Sri Lankan chillies. The Laksa also tasted very authentic although we had the Chicken version instead of the traditional Prawn. You could taste the Fenugreek really well and the spice combination which definitely brought out an appetite for mains.


Wanting to try dishes from around the world we ordered a “Bunny Chow”, an “Aussie Parma” and a Seafood Puttanesca. The Bunny Chow which is street food from South Africa is basically bread with mutton curry. Served in a sandwich-style the mutton was tender and full of peppery flavour that is just melt-in-your-mouth-goodness. The Aussie Parma is basically Crumb-fried Chicken topped with Chicken Bacon, Eggs and Mozzarella. Served with large-cut French Fries this dish is just soul-food to say the least. The chicken and ham and cheese combined in your mouth is simply divine. We love the fact that The Embazzy is so generous with their portions, and the Puttanesca was also quite large and can be shared. The spaghetti and chunks of seafood were well combined with tomato and olive sauce and tons of Parmesan. We are compelled to think that these guys love their cheese as much as we do!


As if that wasn’t enough food for two people, we took our chances with dessert and also ordered a portion of classic Waffles with Nutella, Strawberries and Cream. The waffles were soft but a bit chewy and maybe we should’ve gone for something else for dessert. We will definitely drop by again and try out some of the other options on the menu.


With a free for one hour gaming area and tons of things to do, The Embazzy is constantly buzzing with activity but somehow it’s not imposing with private dining areas and rooms for functions etc. This is definitely one of the better places that have opened up in Colombo recently.


So here’s our rating…


Location         ***** (Conveniently located at Flower Road with ample parking!)

Ambiance       ***** (Wonderfully done and well thought of interior! Free gaming area!)

Service           ****   (Courteous and friendly!)

Food               ****   (Awesome Food and reasonably priced!)

Overall                       **** ½ 


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