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The Fabulous Food Factory

On our previous trips down south, we have found ourselves in precarious situations of not having a proper place to satisfy our sudden sugar cravings. We also know of friends and family who have carried cakes and desserts all the way to Galle, for pretty much the same reason. While telling a friend who happens to be a native of the South, she pointed us in the direction of “The Fabulous Food Factory”.


Run by a British woman who has now made the Southern part of Sri Lanka her home, The Fabulous Food Factory first occupied a small space at the famous “The Shack Beach Café” in Galle. As her cakes and bakes grew in popularity among the expatriate community in the South, Jules as she is known by her friends decided it was time to expand and create her own kitchen.


Finding quite a remote plat of land in Pitiduwa adjoining a paddy field and a large garden, Jules built one of the most state-of-the-art kitchens you can imagine. Now getting here is a bit of an ordeal as you need to properly navigate your Google maps. Of course for those of us who are not as tech friendly the locals are more than happy to point you in the direction of the “Sudu Nona’s Bakery”.


Once you get there a massive wooden gate and white fortress like wall surrounds the entrance to the property but once you do go in it’s all about open spaces. You will also be warmly welcomed by one of Jules’ staff or Jules herself or even by one of the four-legged mascots. Seating options are plenty, with hammocks, swings, garden umbrellas, grass patches and garden seats dotting the layout. To the paddy field side is also a private alcove that Jules hopes to transform in to an area for private gatherings, birthday parties and even garden weddings. Wanting to keep things organic, a vegetable garden is also in the process of being planted so that the produce can be used in her awesome cooking.


After taking a tour around the fabulous place we sat down to savour some of the best cakes and desserts in Jules’ repertoire. Let’s start with the Brownie Bites. Now the thing with Brownies is that you either get it right or it’s a complete mess. In this case it scores a 90-100 for us. The brownie was just the right combination of chocolate and nuts, with a soft texture and a crumbly top layer. Being English and all Jules also insisted that we have a slice of her version of an English Tea Cake which was again packed with the richest dried fruits.


The Baked Cheesecake with Passion Fruit Coulis was also quite delectable and we loved the creamy sweetness of the cake combined with the tanginess of the fruit. The taste clearly points towards the quality of ingredients used and the skill of a great pastry chef. Our favourite however was definitely the Millionaire’s Shortbread, also known as Caramel Shortbread. Jules’ version is actually a top layer of Dark Chocolate over a sticky, gooey layer of Caramel that sits on a buttery shortbread base. This is truly a combination from heaven in every bite as the caramel and chocolate comes together and we could possibly live on this one!


Now the Fabulous Food Factory is not all about cakes and desserts but they also have an extensive catering menu. From stocking up your fridge with comfort food to catering for a house-party, wedding or any sized event Jules and her team can do it all. They do everything from Sri Lankan rice n’ curry to BBQs and hors d’oeuvres. Don’t forget also to try out the specialty cakes for any occasion. We are definitely going back to try some of these the next time we’re in the South.


Until then, here’s our rating…


Location         ***     (This is as secluded as secluded gets folks!)

Ambiance       ***** (We love the garden, the tree house and pretty much everything!)

Service           ***** (Jules and the boys are awesome!)

Food               ****   (Best cakes in the South!)

Overall                       **** ½


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