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Floor by O! is located in the heart of Colombo 7 and has more pub/club atmosphere than a restaurant. The fact that it remains open 24 hours also means that a lot of Colombo’s night-owls frequent this place, more for their drinks and music than the food. But we actually dropped by to try out their pretty impressive food menu.


Walking in, the first thing which you notice are the TV screens which are dotted everywhere around the bar and people were enjoying the cricket and football matches screened on them. In the background you can hear music from the 80’s being played, bringing in a chilled vibe. The ambience of Floor by O! is quite balanced for a bar and let’s not forget the fact that it overlooks the CH&FC grounds so you can also enjoy the view from where you are seated.


Just like Shore by O! these guys provide a wide selection of food and beverages to their customers. To start off with drinks, we ordered a Redbull (It had been a long day!) and a mocktail called Hawaiian Seduction. The Hawaiian Seduction is pretty simple in terms of its ingredients mixing together Pineapple puree and 7up. Served in rather a tall glass garnished with a wedge of pineapple, the flavours of the drink were balanced perfectly and is quite refreshing.


Hot Butter Cuttlefish is a staple in many Sri Lankan menus and has also made its way onto the Floor by O! one and we had to try it (obviously!). To try out a few more starter options we also ordered a Hot Butter Mushroom to start our meal. Visually, both the mushrooms and cuttlefish were very appealing but taste-wise, we weren’t that impressed, they both lacked that punch we all know and love from a good HBC. Although the oiliness was not the issue the lack of crisp and the rubbery nature of the cuttlefish really put us off.


But we were impressed with the mains we ordered, the Lotus Chicken Rice and the Mac & Cheese. The Lotus Chicken Rice is one of their signature dishes and it was our favorite from the entire lot. Basically it was fragrant yellow rice served with pepper chicken and a few accompaniments/condiments to compliment the flavors of the rice. It was well cooked and especially the rice alone was pretty tasty. After having it we kind of understand why it’s considered to be one of their signature dishes because of the distinct flavours. The name for the dish comes from the fact that its wrapped in a lotus leaf which we all know gives it quite a lot of flavour.


The Mac & Cheese was creamy and cheesy just like it should be, and PERFECT for a rainy day, it truly was the embodiment of comfort food. This is such a well know dish that either you get it right or completely wrong. Kudos to the Floor by O! chef for getting it very right!


Although the food wasn’t the greatest we must commend the service which was flawless to say the least. A lot of nice folks working here. We do however wish they would work on their menu resulting in more people coming back for more than just an evening of drinks.


So here’s our review…


Location         ****   (The one way timings can be a bit confusing!)

Ambiance       ****   (We like the ambiance and the 80s music!)

Service           ****   (Much better service than at Shore by O!)

Food               ***     (A bit disappointed with the food!)

Overall                       *** ¾


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