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The Station It’s always a good idea to start planning your weekend on a Monday. So we decided to tell you about one of our favourite places by the beach that you should definitely check-out. The Station is one of the older players on the Galle Road stretch and have been quite well-known for their Sunday evening crab and roast paan feast. But there’s so much more on offer.   Being one of the older players in the game has a distinct advantage in the fact that people know exactly where you are, so finding The Station is not difficult at all. Being by the beach is also great and over the year this place has expanded on their seating options. Now there’s an air-conditioned indoor area, plus the outdoors where you can enjoy your food and drink while being cooled by the gentle Indian Ocean breeze. Either way it’s a great place to hang out with your family and friends.   The menu at The Station is very seafood heavy and in the drinks department serves up the stronger drinks, cocktails, mocktails and tropical juices made from the freshest fruit in season. Since we don’t really “drink”, we stuck to a classic Lime Juice and a Strawberry and Banana fresh juice. A lot of places serve Lime Juice but somehow can’t seem to get the correct measures of each ingredient that make it perfect. The Station though seems to have a mixologist who knows what his doing. The Lime Juice was neither too sour nor too sweet. The combination of Strawberries and Bananas also came out pretty well. Our pick however was the lime that went perfectly with the Prawn Cocktail that we ordered for starters. Again a lot of restaurants serve Prawn Cocktails or something close but we believe it is all in getting the dipping sauce right that makes a difference. Again The Station scored in this area.   Since we are always on a “Seafood Diet” we went all out and ordered a portion of Manchurian Cuttlefish, Singapore-style Chilli Lagoon Crab, Deep-fried Garupa Fish with Hot Garlic Sauce and a BBQ Seafood Mixed Grill. Just so that we wouldn’t overdose on seafood we also threw in a Grilled Chicken Breast with Mashed Potatoes. Most of the seafood dishes we ordered were authentic preparations that require a lot of skill and kudos to the chef who got all of it right. We also love the presentation and the timeliness of orders being taken and delivered.   The Machurian Cuttlefish is more of a HBC with a sweet and sour sauce which was really good. Not overpowered with oil and with a crunchy crust this dish would go really well with a fried or steamed rice. The Singapore crab was also done right with a good amount of spice that would pack a punch but not make you cry. The garupa was also crisp on the outside and fall-off-the-bone tender on the inside, just the way we like it. The show stopper of course was the Seafood Mixed Grill which though indicated as shareable for two is definitely enough for 3-4. It included a mix of Lagoon Prawns, Cuttlefish Rings, Seer Fish and Shoe Lobster and comes with a healthy portion of Garlic Bread.   After all that food we certainly didn’t have room for dessert but were told by a few friends that we should’ve tried their version of the Blueberry Cheesecake which is supposed to be one of the better ones in Colombo.   So here’s our rating…   Location **** (An iconic location on Marine Drive!) Ambiance **** (Who doesn’t love a meal by the beach!) Service **** (Good service and timely delivery!) Food **** (Great food and value for money!) Overall ****


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