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Tsukiji Uoichi

Tsukiji Uoichi has silently been around for almost 8 years, bringing authentic Japanese cuisine to Lankan shores. They’ve maintained their consistency and despite being lesser known have a loyal clientele of locals, expats and tourists.


The restaurant was one of the first to open up at Arcade Independence Square and is easily accessible with ample parking. We visited them for lunch and the place was relatively empty. A friendly concierge led us to our seats overlooking the arcade. There’s a lot of natural light giving the place a pristine feel which is also commonplace with most Japanese restaurants. Guests have the option of sitting around the Sushi Bar on high stools watching their food being prepared by skilled chefs, or you can opt to sit on low seating reminiscent of traditional dining in Japanese homes.


Tsukiji Uoichi means the number one place for fish in Japan and in the world, and keeping with their namesake a lot of attention is clearly paid to the food. However, we wish similar attention was paid to service which though courteous is slow.


In terms of the food, we first ordered a Spicy Tuna Crispy Roll to try out the Sushi skills and were quite satisfied with the presentation and taste. Made to a more Sri Lankan palate the chilli, pepper, and leaks add a spicy tinge to the tuna and rice which we liked. For appetizers we also ordered a Sanma Mentai which was stuffed with spicy cod roe. Now roe is not something everyone can stomach, but the fact that it comes hidden in the fish makes it easier to eat. The Ko-ebi Karaage on the other hand was light and crispy and we loved the textures. A yakitori plate with six pieces was our final appetizer which again was perfectly seasoned and grilled. Served with Soya Sauce this was a great dish to get the appetite going.


For mains we ordered a beef steak made of Australian tenderloin. It’s prepared in a traditional Japanese style with a mix of steamed vegetables, beef and Japanese style noodles served in a Japanese hot pot. Another hot pot we had was a noodle dish made with soy sauce, sugar, onions, carrot, cabbage and Japanese vegetables with lots of seafood floating around. Comfort food should taste like this!


We also had an Oyako Don made with chicken, egg, sliced onion and steam rice. This we felt was a bit too pricey but did taste ok. To go with our meals we ordered an Energizer made with lime and mint and a Matcha Azuki Milkshake. The energizer was bitter as if the limes had gone bad but the green tea milkshake was a great refresher.


We didn’t have room for dessert after a huge meal but have heard that their Matcha Roll is also pretty good. So here’s our review…


Location         ****   (Conveniently located at Arcade!)

Ambiance       ***     (Keeping things simple!)

Service           ***     (Service was good but slow!)

Food               ****   (Pricey but very authentic!)

Overall                       *** ½ 


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