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Vito Wood-fired Pizza Vito apparently is quite a famous person when it comes to the history of pizza in the world and many pizza parlours are named after him. Following suite a team of young pizza enthusiasts having studied the intricate art of pizza making decided to open Kandy’s very first wood-fired pizza parlour, Vito’s. Armed with an oven built from scratch and a bunch of recipes created by themselves, Vito’s was first housed at Peradeniya before they moved to their current location earlier this year.   For those of us who know Kandy and its traffic plan it’s easy to figure out how to get to Vito’s but if you are completely clueless then the easiest is to tell tuk tuk or cab drivers to take you near Ozo. Vito’s occupies the top floor of a 3-star hotel called Kandy City View and is open for lunch and dinner 7-days of the week. For a sleepy town like Kandy that closes up shop at 7pm on weekdays and possibly 8pm on weekends, the fact that Vito’s remains open till 10pm daily is quite a blessings. They also do their own delivery should you wish to stay home and enjoy their hot pizzas from the warmth of your home.   Seating is quite basic and the restaurant itself is lined with pallet walls and you can choose to either take in quite a view of the scenic Kandy town and surrounding mountains or watch the pizzas being made right in front of your eyes. We chose the latter as it was quite fun to watch the pizza’s being prepped, tossed, topped off and then put in the oven.   The team of young boys running the place double as chefs and waiters and are quite chatty about their work. While waiting for our pizzas to be baked they told us many stories of how the name came to be, where they learnt their art and how they came up with the menu.   Off that menu we ordered a starter portion of Garlic Bread and Potato Wedges and also a Pasta Pesto. All three dishes were served up piping hot. The wedges came with generous amounts of Mayo and Tomato Ketchup and the Garlic Bread was slathered in Garlic Butter which had melted in and toasted to perfection. The pasta was also well done and had lots of green pesto and cheese to get us started for the pizzas.   Vito’s allows you to go half-n-half on your pizzas so we went with Sausage Delight and Thai Red Curry on one and Spicy Beef and Bacon Cheese on the other. The Sausage Delight was interesting because Vito uses ground sausage meat instead of sausage chunks which makes a world of a difference. They also use tons of cheese, cheese and more cheese and once melted down in the oven, the semi-burnt flavours are perfect for Kandy’s cold evenings. To pick a favourite of the four would be to do injustice to the pizzas itself but we are partial to the very-Sri Lankan tasting Spicy Beef that again had generous chunks of fried and cooked beef with curry and all.   The pizzas here are also quite the size and you get 8 slices for a “large” which is literally enough for 4 people since each slice ends up being about the size of a personal pan pizza you would find in Colombo. So you can imagine just how much we ate but we still had room for one of Vito’s signature dishes, which is their Nutella Pizza.   Watching this pizza being prepared was interesting because the pizza dough needed to be half-cooked in the oven and then the Nutella, Marshmallow bits, Sprinklers and Chocolate chunks are added on and allowed to melt. The pizza is then popped in the oven for less than 15 seconds so that what comes out is sticky, gooey, chocolatey mess of goodness. Needless to say we loved it and couldn’t get enough of it. Actually we think it’s the best thing on their menu!   It’s nice that Kandy is slowly but surely exploring food cultures and more and more restaurants are opening up. With so many tourists also heading to the town and a lot of locals loving the weather it’s great that the hill capital has great pizza added to its repertoire!  

So here’s our review…


Location         ***     (Directions in Kandy is a maze but just look for Ozo!)

Ambiance       ***     (Comfortable seating either indoors or outdoors!)

Service           ****   (Super team of really friendly guys!)

Food               ***** (Best pizzas in Kandy!)

Overall                       *** ¾



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