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Yumi or to “bow” in Japanese is quite an appropriate name for one of Taj Samudra’s signature restaurants. Bowing in Japan is considered a mark of respect and at Yumi this is a key factor in everything they do. Yumi has been around for a while and despite being ranked among the pricier Japanese options in the city, has its own loyal clientele.


Yumi is not just a restaurant but also converts to a resto-bar when the sun goes down with entertainment to accompany your fusion Japanese dinner. The interior is one of the most tastefully decorated in Colombo and seating options are multiple. There are comfortable sofa type coves for a more private dining experience or you can choose to sit outdoors overlooking the pool. The third option was our favourite on bar stools overlooking the teppanyaki grill and where all your delicious food and drinks are prepared.


One of Yumi’s greatest assets is its culinary team led by Chef Sudesh who has brought along with him longstanding customers who love his renditions and twists on traditional dishes. They also serve some interesting twists on cocktails, mocktails and smoothies.


We decided to try a Melon and Ginger Punch and quite a punch that was with the distinct flavour of ginger cutting through the sweetness of the melon. Great refresher for a warm day and also as an accompaniment for a heavy meal. Our other option was a Sunburst which had green apple, carrots, mango, orange and strawberries in it. You can’t really go wrong with the right combination of these tropical fruits but we did feel that it was a tad bit too watery.


When at a Japanese restaurant it is essential to try sushi, sashimi and nigiri so we ordered a Nigiri Matsu Platter which comes with a mix of tuna, salmon and modha sashimi. The staff also recommended that we try a signature Volcano California Maki which you wouldn’t find elsewhere. The nigiri and sashimi were sliced before our eyes and it was a delight to watch the artistry of his knife work. The Volcano California Maki was no doubt the highlight of our meal. Apart from the fish, avocado and cucumber, one could also quite a spicy hint of red chilli in the sauce used to top off this dish. Pleasing to the eyes it was also definitely pleasing to the taste buds.


Wanting to also taste something off the teppanyaki grill, we ordered Chicken Teriyaki and again watched as the grill was heated up and the meat grilled to perfection. The teriyaki sauce was slightly sweeter than what we have tasted but it went very well with a portion of sticky rice to make a complete meal.


Since we were there at lunch time, we also ordered a Yaki Sakana Bento. This meal in a box comes with Miso Soup, Yumi Salad, and Teriyaki Cooked Seer Fish with Japanese Sticky Rice. The seer fish was so well cooked that it was literally falling off the skin and the flavours were well etched in the soft white fish. A side order of mixed tempura completed our hearty meal. With the tempura we loved the fact that it wasn’t dripping oil and the seafood and vegetables inside remained fresh and succulent.


To say the very least about dessert the Wasabi Crème Brulee just blew our minds. Wasabi doesn’t go down well with everyone but for those who love the flavour, this dessert is simply out of this world and a must try. If you can’t deal with the flavour of Wasabi that first hits your brain, then we suggest you try a milder green tea ice-cream or the bitter warm chocolate tart if you really need a chocolate dose. The great thing about desserts at Yumi is that they aren’t too sweet and the indulgence feels guilt free.


Yumi is considered pricey but if you know what to order to share then you save your wallet some grief.  


So here’s our rating…


Location         ****   (Taj is central but the one-way on Galle Road can be cumbersome!)

Ambiance       ****   (Quiet way to enjoy your meal!)

Service           ***** (Very courteous and highly-skilled!)

Food               ****   (Excellent preparation and presentation!)

Overall                       **** ¼ 



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