The Making of a Great Burger

The Making of a Great Burger

What makes a great burger? Is it the perfectly toasted bun or the grilled-to-perfection patty that’s oozing with meaty goodness? Or is the fresh veggies that add a crunch to every bite? Could it even be the delightful combination of secret sauces that add that finishing punch?

At Burger King, it is all this and more. With 22 outlets spanning the island of Sri Lanka Burger King is a go-to place for authentic, freshly-made burgers packed with wholesome ingredients. What’s more the extensive Burger King menu has something for everyone, no what your dietary specifications are.

The renowned international chain recently relaunched the premium range five of their best-selling products and we simply can’t get enough of telling you about each one.

Let’s start with the biggest one of them all. As its name suggests this one is truly a “Monster Burger”. Packed into a Corn Dusted Bun is a Chilli Chicken Patty, Chick ‘N Crisp Patty, 4 pieces Chicken Bacon, 1 Spicy and Crispy slice, 2 slices of Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Lettuce, BBQ Sauce, Mayonnaise and Ketchup. Could you really ask for more?

Monster Burger

For the Beef Lovers, Burger King guarantees an Imported Premium Angus Beef Patty in the Angus Steakhouse Burger which also comes with 4 slices of Crispy Bacon for that added crunch and flavour.

Angus Steakhouse

If you love your patty “smoked” instead of “grilled” then a Texas Smokehouse Burger is a must-try. In this version, Burger King uses a Sesame Seed Bun and finishes it off with 2 slices of Chicken Brisket, all lathered in the perfect BBQ Sauce.

Texas Smokehouse

Not a fan of meat, but still want a good Burger? Then look no further than the Burger King Plant-based Whopper. In an evolving world enjoy the true taste of a well-prepared burger without the guit and an added touch of zest with pickles that marry perfectly together. If you are completely vegan, then opt out of the Mayo when ordering and enjoy a burger made just for you.

Plant Based Whopper

All these and more are available for dine-in and take-away at all Burger King outlets island-wide. If it was us, we would be heading to the nearest one right away? Tell us your favourite…

Supreme Chicken
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